“1 BHK Apartment Interior Design – 450 Sq.Ft” by CivilLane.com ▻Get 3D Design Service here: ➜ http://www.civillane.com/3d-design-service/ We have designed …

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26 Responses

  1. shaik mohammed Arshad

    Attractive and impressive to attain that elegance in such a small space


    One thing I found about civil lane is there finishing of work is best in the business, but there concepts, colour combination is not good and very costly also.

  3. Ipsita Mazumdar

    Lighting is extremely stress inducing. But guess the owners like it, to each their own.

  4. Chintan Gangar

    AAP logo ne mehnat Aachi ki hai, par sab jaga BLUE Colour Laga ke Ghar or Video Ko boring Bana diya..

  5. Sachin Gawade

    Arey bhai sabse important chij hoti hai price, comment me log puch puch k pareshan hogaye hai but iski total price nahi bata rahe ho nahi video me price batai hai to kyu upload kiya hai ye video?

  6. Superstar Shree 6

    आप डिज़ायनर है जिसकी देखरेख में ये एक्सीक्यूट हुवा या आप एंकर है

  7. V.S Vohra

    Can this whole interior can be done with calcium silicate board I am eco friendly person please reply with approximate cost I want to do


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