Low Budget Home decoration in Mumbai,

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  1. busy person

    Very disappointed with the bad comments. Common people get a life. It was already mentioned in the title “low budget home decor” and people are commenting like bad house this and that. Shame on you guys. She bought a house in Mumbai (which is not easy) and you are criticising her. If you can’t appreciate it then at least don’t criticise it. Bunch of idiots

  2. Nisha Goyal

    Peaceful and happy smiling face… at end we all only need 6 by 3 ft..

  3. r Dx

    The video is as if it's a real shooting set..The girl makes it better the way she represents it..her attire..her positivity..the background music..everything was really heart touching to me…I was lost while watching the video…Good work…May God bless them both..

  4. Pooja Patel

    i don't like your curtains. overacting.. and next time use good camera for making videos.

  5. kanakaiah k

    Hello good evening. you did exactly what they can do in India, I think that is demonstration effect but where ever we go we should be natural

  6. sujit Dutta

    So sweet ..u seem happy what you have achieved..and that's the ultimate thing that's matter..Avoid negative comments.. wish good luck for future


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