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  1. Lone Fox

    Happy November Loves! I want to quickly warn you about my use fo the words “warm, cozy and space” amongst probably a couple other ones 😂 However I hope this video can help you create the room/home/apartment of your dreams!

  2. Elizabeth Pearce

    This was an amazing video, thank you so much! I’m trying to design my new studio apartment, and have so many different ideas it was getting overwhelming, and this really helped me remember what I was wanting and a good way to execute it!

  3. xanthe117

    How do you guys keep your salt lamps from not melting? I live in a humid place and I've ruined plates to the melted lamp 🙁

  4. wear89not

    ok, this is a really great, well explained video! I can tell you know what your talking about. All the examples are cozy and easy to attain. Subscribed!

  5. Michele Gardner

    0:23 Transitioning into Winter? Whut? What is with everyone trying to rush seasons? Winter doesn't begin until December 21st! I thought it was just a summer thing, but apparently no season is safe. Just like in mid-July everyone was talking about "the last days of summer" when fall doesn't begin until the end of September!

  6. Kathrynet

    I feel lost. Almost all my furniture is black (shelves, dressers, end tables, etc) and I do not understand how to style and build a room around it.

  7. Claudy TheArtist

    Sex with yourself is not only natural but healthy… You can never give or receive HIV having sex with yourself…

  8. FLdancer00

    Bro! Is YT your only job? That apartment looks amazing, but I know it's expensive. I need to work where you work 😂

  9. Pamela Greenfield

    I love this video, Drew. Always inspiring me to change things up in my bedroom. I am going to pass the idea to floor pillows to my one friend.

  10. Alejandra M

    I LOVE your videos!!! They are always so Helpful and your vocabulary is sooo good the way you express the love for decor is definitely felt when I watch your videos 🧡🌟☺️👏🏻 always looking forward to them!

  11. Abdullah Alghamdi.

    definitely curtains make the space more cozy and homie, even if you have blinds adding curtains above them will make a lovely difference to the space

  12. Adrita Bose

    Your ideas and hacks are the best for me. You really make my life easier and beautiful. Thanks a lot Drew…😊

  13. Samantha Galvan

    The Sorry Girks have a faux fireplace tutorial and it looks pretty easy to do and they kept it at a decent budget

  14. your mom says trans rights

    I bought a little faux fireplace for my condo. Even though it seems like it should be a total waste of space (and money, I think I spent ~$170 on it, which isn't exactly cheap), the ambiance it lends to an otherwise sterile room is completely worth it.

  15. The Bat Cave

    So glad I found your channel! I love interior design and decorating.
    Great choice of light and warm colors. Was going to say "cozy" :D! I also noticed you have some good fragrances, which are another passion of mine! I have a newborn channel where I review men's (mostly) fragrances. Not a lot of content on it yet, but feel free to come see me, if you want.

  16. Anime Bit

    • Lone Fox •
    • A Lone Fox •
    • Alone Fox•
    P.S(I’m sorry,this is very funny,u’are fantastical)

  17. creations landscape designs

    I don't think that you have enough plants. hee hee Would love to collab with you on indoor plants.

  18. Christina Hutchison

    Honey warm and cozy is a great way to describe things so don’t apologize for saying it so often. I love your channel and if I didn’t live on the East Coast I may ask you to look at my space and put some touches on it I love your ideas, visions And DIY’s. Thank you for doing your channel and sharing your talents with the world.

  19. Xandria Martinez

    These tips are for a VERY specific look, I love it, but would appreciate different themes

  20. Conni Hinkel

    Lot's of good ideas here. I love the 'fireplace not really a fireplace' ideas – brilliant!


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