Following on from my previous videos by popular demand is my kitchen designs for your minecraft house, I tried to cover as many bases as possible with emphasis on design tricks and pallette….

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  1. rachel distin

    Grian: now this one is my favourite- it's a nice garden/barbecue space.

    5 minutes later
    Grian: ok, now this one is my favourite, an attic style kitchen.
    Me: -__-

  2. the gaming Dolphin

    Nice buuut I was looking for a function and design kitchen

  3. Shannon Reonaz Alma

    i love your videos but its not all about looks i like funtional stuff i mean their should be actual chests and not fake cabinets

  4. Quinn Benskin

    It's absolutely amazing how long this game has been out and people are still coming up with new things and designs.


  5. Creative Juices 🎨

    BUILDING TIP: You can use the back of a furnace to make like a crown molding or base board for the outside or inside, then on top use cobblestone as a wall! LOOKS AWESOME!

  6. Esra Bonner Atadeniz

    Just tell me , How the flip do you build these and Can u teach me

  7. Deathbob 9000

    Random XP everywhere like after your friend kills a mob you see the XP you freak out about Herobrine

  8. Dionys Emch

    I realy like default minecraft but with like realistic shadows and such


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