10 Minecraft Starter Houses are shown in todays minecraft video! It should give you inspiration and ideas for how to make your minecraft house in survival.

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  1. AlecGTO467-Glitches And Movies

    Can u actually show us how to build these instead of just showing us the carpet stairs

  2. Hawkstar The king

    Hey Grian, I know I may be replying to an old video but I feel like the topic is similar enough. ^^

    Anyway, do you think you could do a build concept list for certain mods, not like a house but a work station area for your particular mod.
    Like a forge location in Tinker's constructs.
    Maybe also magic mods like astral sorcery and Draconic evolution. ^^

  3. Retro Beast

    Grian: simple starter survival house

    Me: you keep saying those words. I don't think it means what you think it means.

  4. bigredwolf6

    I feel like Minecraft needs chairs you can actually sit in and couches you can actually sit on. Like maybe it could pass time like a bed except you could use it in daytime, or maybe it could slow time down like you sit in the chair because you have to do something IRL

  5. Glitch Wolf

    I mean I can build tiny wooden huts and I try to make it fancy for my taste but never works out for me. Lol I really like the underground one best.

  6. Judy Weston - Frias

    grian i'am have been watching you for i think a 3 years and i subcribed and ilike the videos


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