14′ X 24′ MODERN MODULAR CABIN BY KANGA ROOM This is another 14′ x 24′ Modern Cabin/Dwelling by Kanga Room Systems! While it includes the same …

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  1. prettymochame just T

    Kanagarooms!!!!…BEST MODERN PREFAB BUILDING COMPANY I'VE FOUND WITH HOME KITS, TURNKEY FOR TEXANS AND KITS FOR OTHER STATES. Depends on where or how you use, they're for city or country so depending on restrictions if you don't want to permit so home, guesthouse, cabin, office, commercial building ECT and yes with KITCHENS. I use to do mobile land/home builds and I've been looking for a modern prefab builder but all you find is country and traditional when modern is easier. Every Tiny home builder should be looking for this company from what I've seen on YouTube..FINALLY!!!!

  2. Frances Elaine Thurston

    Where the desk and arm chair are, why not put a kitchen table there? Wasted space.

  3. Marsha Duncan

    Sorry. The little refrigerator looked so sad in its space. A larger fridge would have visually completed the look. I felt like there was a lot of wasted space. It doesn't need to be crowded, but it seemed so sparsely furnished.


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