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  1. Rosemary Hugharts

    I liked the geometric dome and the rock house or rather homes in Utah

  2. Tim Niemier

    I loved the dome that enclosed the house the best. All of them were fun.

  3. TheJackflash85

    Many of these homes show little o none of the interiors – this stinks!

  4. ALEx GORBAs

    The girl at the end. Poor girl she don’t have nose why they put her in YouTube 😳

  5. kieron82

    Found number one the best as well because i have been thinking of something similar in tiny form of 3m3, with u shaped verandah facing the sun and earth rear wall (to act as heat sink for winter sun)

  6. Grand Wonder

    Stop with the “Not in China” nonsense! In the US even after you have bought and paid for your home there’s a thing called “Home Owner Association” that would tell you what color to paint your house, where you can park your car, how long your grass has to be, what you can do with your front and backyard, whether or not you can install your own energy source, whether or not you can have your own garden, your house must look similar to other houses, etc, etc. Not to mention the state government would tell you to tear down your house if you built your house without a permit and an inspector’s approval faster than any communist country would ever do! And they would fine you for every delay and any excuses they could think of!

    So enough with your anti-China propaganda! The fact of the matter is the USA has become, in many respects, more oppressive than China! Trying to go across the US customs at an airport or seaport could take hours. I never have to wait more than 15 minutes dealing with the Chinese customs and they are always warm and welcoming unlike the US customs that always treat you like you’re a criminal and always test your patience and personal privacy limits as well as trying to find something to lock you up with!

  7. Horatio Jones

    The House in Saijo is pretty stunning. A good design for living in a congested area while maintaining privacy but still getting natural sunlight.

    The Geodesic Cobb House is a great idea IMO especially if you're living beside a lake in winter. The winds coming off the lake would pose a challenge to heating your house when it's cold (wind chill factor). The heat from the greenhouse effect during sunny days even in winter must be great. All that plexiglass must have cost a fortune though.

  8. Kenn Hepner

    I saw a few features I will talk to my wife about in the new house we are building. we both want handicap accessibility on both floors, as well as being energy independent. The recessed bottom floor in the pyramid house gives me an idea or two as well.

  9. chris papa

    I loved your collection. My favorite design is the one with the tree. But I would worry about insects spiders and snakes. So then it’s not my favorite. As a house to live in? The last would be the best for me.

  10. Day See's

    Now think of the possibilities and where your life is going? What's your families mentality? Ptsd/ I'd like facilities for one owns views and needs, respect under God and thumbprint freedoms where we can all have a say in the new EARTH UNIVERSITY and it's updated materials in teaching a process of Reality and Life to an individual's capacity of thinking. A production facility for hands on growth in labor that might attract more than income.

  11. Cheri Wood

    I like number 2 and number3 . We live in south fl and these two would be perfect designs for hurricanes.

  12. Blessed Beauty

    – I saw this video before but I'm sure if you're in a relationship that might be awkward people watching you do stuff ahahaha. Just sayin'😘🤣😇💯😬 I heard that #1 is not their real home though. It's sort of a get a way kind of thing.

  13. Bill Carson

    The ones that I really like is the one encompasses the tree and VW bug shape.

  14. Horatio Jones

    A lot of nifty ideas but not many are cost effective or practical.


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