In this episode we begin installing and explaining in depth the design behind our kitchen cabinets in our soon to be off grid mobile tiny house school bus!

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  1. Dan Bradley

    Should have raised the roof. If the tall guy gets his own bus later help him get that roof up.

  2. Bonez P

    the tall dude need to open that emergency hatch for some headspace hahah great videos fellas!!!

  3. James Barratt

    Wood backwards through saw table like you did is likely to loose you a finger.

  4. Brian Davis

    Nice work guys cabinets are a lot of work more so for a bus its like building a house inside a eggshell
    Looking good.

  5. muse3223

    The only thing that would make this bus better is raising the roof a few inches.

  6. Ronn Jerremy

    I've been building cabinets for 15 plus years. Looks great especially if your first timers.

  7. Victor Mcphail

    I'm wondering if you have any concerns about condensation on the windows, and if so, how will that impact the wooden sills? I assume you're going to seal the sills, and caulk to keep any fluid from getting behind the wall cladding? Trying to learn/plan…you and Rollwithitbus have me itching for my own…I want to get it right and youse guys seem to know what's what. Thanks!

  8. metaspencer

    Oh yeah, lookin' good in there! Fully DIY and rockin' it in that bus of yours

  9. Ashten Smith

    I love you guys so much but please……be yourself "not the hip or cool thing" JK.😍😍😍😍


    Awesome progress guys! We're doing our cabinet install next week. Just developed our plan for plumbing and electric.


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