More detail related to our small house decor video: 20.▻0:32| Set Some Green Plants to complete your interior design ideas …

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8 Responses

  1. Emma Conti

    thank you so much for this video !!!! i'm moving in my own flat to go to uni, and this really helped !!!

  2. Ella Jones

    What's with the weird music in the back ground, not loud enough to understand but loud enough to irritate.

  3. Celeste Watson

    ugh. sorry but the script(s) is/are really terrible. also, photos chosen to illustrate ideas often don't demonstrate the idea well/effectively.

  4. Mary Kelly

    LOVE small spaces. Very up to date. Americans just have way too much stuff.

  5. Taiber Glotz

    I want that table at the end!!! that would work so well in my home!


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