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  1. Pierre B

    Can you recommend a faucet similar to that zip one that switches between filtered and none filtered ? I’m installing reverse osmosis in my mechanical room to supply the ice maker in the fridge and my kitchen faucet, but don’t really wanna wash my hands with RO lol. Thx ! I love your channel btw, this must be one of my first YouTube comments lol

  2. arnan540

    Finally some1 has the balls to say it like I have been saying…reclaimed wood… Cmon overdone to the max and some…

  3. #1Lazer

    Will someone explain for the audience what a square rectangle is please. Also, I'd recommend your girl ditch the vertical stripes. Maybe she's trying to look taller (oh, she said so. Haha, but makes it seem like her legs go up to her neck! No torso at all! She is cute and smart though. A winning combination, no matter the outfit.

  4. Nik Lawhorn

    Can't imagine what the K factor is on those vents. I'd be interested in finding out

  5. Lew

    Shows of all types are a great place to get inspiration. Usually, how we implement what we see at them is best done sparingly, in ways that are not obvious. A designer like Kim will do that for you. Really liked all the stuff I saw. Really liked Kim’s take (and her stripes).

  6. Thomas Kaarup

    I thinks there's a huge gap in the US market for stuff we have had for years.. Ikea must be high tech over there

  7. Thomas Kaarup

    Semi-pro faucet?? Been sold in Ikea for years. Faucets with hot water or sparkling water… soooo last year

  8. Thomas Kaarup

    did she say that Induction are doing its entry into the US market?

  9. Milan Roets

    Japandi trends are coming back. Using natural woods, concrete on walls, gold accents, and organic materials. Curved furniture with lots of green plants. Black with pops of color like coral especially in neutral colored rooms. That seems to the trends of 2019 and what I saw a lot of at IBS/KBIS

  10. TimberTown

    Although we sell the "barnwood look" I have to agree with Jordan's statement. If you want a clean, modern look go with a vertical grain clear cedar or imported hardwood.

  11. Joe A

    Kim, you are a great presenter, designer and adorable too! Thank you.

  12. Chris Collins

    I saw some of those gold accents in the bathrooms which are just terrible. I cannot see how anyone thought bringing that style back was a good idea. The new stuff looks as outdated as the old.

  13. Andrew Dearing

    Designers are overrated. Mostly just open their mouth and word vomit design buzzwords and tell the client what they should like and point out little things in subs work that would go unnoticed but instead open their mouth to look like they know what they're talking about and create more work than is necessary. Today I watched a designer tell a client one piece of walnut moulding was a shade redder than the one next to it. It grew out of the ground lady!

  14. jt5747

    Well that was…"fun". Maybe she could really up the teenager routine with a backwards hat.

  15. Rocketman80

    I could not find the performance stats on those grills make me think there not all certified

  16. ThisAccountIsNeverUsed

    Not a fan of this 'showcase' video. Some of the stuff wasn't new and kim's a little awkward, Jordan's less so.

  17. Jochi Kondur

    You guys really need to use a stabilized gimbal system for the camerawork when recording reportage footage

  18. William Davies

    Please, no walking with the camera. Buy a second Mic.
    Love the format of the episode otherwise.


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