1. Bed Drawers https://amzn.to/34LEwgR #3. Bedroom Bench https://amzn.to/34Su7jJ #4. Under the Bed Shelving https://amzn.to/2OdzTqh #5. Overdoor Shoe …

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  1. Sweetheart Care Bear

    The beds are nice and benches. Not the shoe rack and too many shoes.

  2. M. Moseley

    Get rid of stuff you don’t really need and you have less to organize and store.

  3. Buyi Mncube

    I love them you just gave me ideas
    Underneath bed space Is always wasted, we never knew what to do with it

  4. April Manttari-See

    I made my younger daughter's closet into a raised platform bed, and put her dresser, craft items, and some toys underneath. It also made her feel more cozy & safe.
    I refinished an armoire for the small amount of hanging clothes, books, toys, and shoes.
    She had all the floor space (10ft x 10ft room) to play in.

  5. Simon Alkenmayer

    The writing on this channel is so odd. And why do they end it with “what do you thinks?” Why doesn’t the narrator fix the errors as she reads?

  6. Linda Hutchinson

    I really liked the "nook" beds. The elevated beds are nice too. Any suggestions for dressing up the home medical beds?

  7. Kathy Grin

    I enjoy the ideas in ALL of your videos… you have a wonderful niche in the YouTube world… but PLEASE HIRE SOMEONE TO PROOF THE ENGLISH FOR YOU.
    It should be "What do you THINK?"

    NOT "What do you thinkS"
    There are always several such errors in your videos, and for many people this bothers them enough to search for a different source of the same content.
    I wish you the best.

  8. Debbie Kostiuk

    could you please also attach link to contract attached behind mirror Thankyou


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