1. Paint the Ceiling http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2013/05/diy-starry-ceiling-ala-osbourne-and.html #3. Create Space between Furniture and Walls …

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  1. LuTina B

    I disagree about adding ceiling decor to make room appear larger. True it draws attention but it also pulls the ceiling down creating the room to appear shorter and smaller. Rather, paint the ceiling same color as walls. I also dont agree about having shorter furniture. But yes to most other advise

  2. Eliz Donovan

    None of the spaces seem small to me. Am I the only one?

  3. Diane Taylor

    Ugh. Voice awful and music so overdone! I can’t listen to another video with that background sound.

  4. Naomi Pendzialek

    goood tips. Also I think having minimal products help too. I get mine from Ikea or jojoskitchenware

  5. auntdj111

    I don't think this person realizes that small apartments are usually owned by landlords who, maybe, will allow you to put a hole in the wall to hang a picture, but if I did anything i.e. track or recessed lighting, I would get evicted. Many of these rooms look dated and uninteresting.

  6. Hatch Man Do

    Not true about the ceiling. It can make a room feel smaller and it can make it dark which u do not want. Bigger furniture is wrong too. So many of these are wrong.

  7. sara begay

    Not my style. I look jewel boxes and cozy. All for Boho.

  8. M. Grant

    The plural form of 'decor' — decors — as used in this narration seems odd. Decor refers to a style or theme and presumably there wouldn't be more than one in a room. I'm guessing that the narrator is actually referring to decor (or design) elements or accessories.

  9. Simone Schmidt

    Some ideas do work, some really don't. As we are talking of small apartments like mine, if I pull the furniture off the waΔΊl, or bring in a large and tall potted flower, we simply will have a hard time to move around.

  10. Cindy L Estabrook

    great practical advice , pretty and clean ideas. smart sensible ideas for everyday people. LOVE IT! Thank you!


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