This is 31 Genius home decor ideas video has a new voice over here: This time we use real human voice with …

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  1. Amber Locked

    btw the voice didn't distract me at all. it's one of the better narrations, and people shouldn't nitpick. the quality of the ideas was really good, and theyre actually very doable. tyvm for the upload.

  2. Amber Locked

    i love the picture album idea. ive found the cutest albums at target and Tuesday morning but had no excuse for them because all my photos are digital.

  3. stjudeprayer7

    Well, well, well — I LOVED the robot voice, laughed out loud at "or you're just too lazy to drill holes"  for hanging curtain rods.  Other irreverent things too.  Said her lines plain and simple and used no inflection…  the robot way.  LOVED IT.

  4. Eliza Swain

    I very much respect the language skills of the narrator.. The woman must be at least bilingual which i think is an amazing achievement. That being said: within the first couple of seconds of the video is an innovative pronunciation of the word purpose that i had to listen to twice to understand. A couple of other places i just could not figure out what she was saying. Maybe i am unfamiliar with the term or the tech or the sound is simply unfamiliar to me. Im not saying shes a bad narrator but i am saying "what kind of shelf?" Just saying…. Im not trying to be offensive but a few spots in the voiceover need to be improved either by using different words or by approaching a more typical English pronunciation of the chosen words. Interesting ideas. I subbed.

  5. Helen Cooper

    It has some really great ideas I'm going to incorporate very soon in my home. I would have preferred the slides to go slower because I had to keep going back to look at the design. Oh, well, can't have everything. I still enjoyed the ideas very much! Thank you!


    Really need a better voice, but because your ideas are SO great, it's tolerable !

  7. Jannifer Lively

    I like the voiceover. It's unique and certainly superior to the irritating phony 'little girl' voices used by so many grown women.

  8. skbwolverine

    I used the command hooks for my curtain rods. it has been over a year and they are still in place.


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