In this video we have enclosed some of the best master bedrooms which we have handcrafted till date. A person spends one third of his life sleeping. So we …

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  1. Louis & Eileen

    Nice Video. Watch Our Videos Too.. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

  2. neha jindal

    Have u done something for small dining rooms with tv unit and staircase plz share actually we have separate living room n dats fine prblm is with our entrance where there is dining , tv unit and staircase in one room and its not looking good we just want very little sitting space in front of tv unit plus dining table in same room any ideas or suggestions plzz #askbonito

  3. sandeep

    seriously is this yr design? if this was yr design it's really damn awesome.. I will love to do this in my house too..

  4. Syed Abdul Nayeem

    bonito design is ur service available in hyderabad plz reply soon

  5. Mayankk Jain

    Dear Bonito, No doubt your team is doing a great job completing loads of projects, But PLEASE update your taste in design and do justice to design with projects having huge potential.

  6. Samanway Gupta

    Why is the work so different from the work you guys do in your walkthrough videos. Hard to believe.

  7. rajnish dadwal

    Dear Bonito, it would have been a great video if these were your designs…
    Anybody can search the web nowadays.


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