If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate a small bedroom, prepare to be overwhelmed with fantastic ideas. For today we gathered 40 photos of small …

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  1. Alyssa

    These are supposed to be small?!? My room literally fits a bed and that is it my tv had to be mounted on the wall and my clothes are all in boxes under my bed, these rooms are in no way small

  2. akosiianabel {afiabl}

    like non of them are small.
    my room is reallyrealky small like only a bed can fit

  3. Ejquiqui (Ejquiqui)

    pink sheep is that you? you turned into a light bulb but still have your mustache!

  4. Lydia Sifa

    These bedrooms are BIG my son's bedroom is under half the size of those. Well thanks for the slideshow

  5. loise mbate

    how am I supposed to afford such bedroom decor when I can't even afford a house with a bigger bedroom ???!!!!

  6. keep talking

    my room is 3 meters by 2,5 meter xD these are not small rooms if you can fit a kingseize bed and make it look cute in my bedroom it would look like one big bed with a few small inches of ground xD

  7. cetusipy

    The most hated videos on youtube are slideshows of pictures. Youtube is for vvviiiiddddeeeeooooo.

  8. Pewsel Duck

    Getting a new house in Salisbury, my new room will be just under half the size of those!


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