Get 5 LOW Cost HIGH Style home decor ideas today. Don’t think budget – think out of the box to get the look you want for the price you can afford. Today I share …

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  1. Red Rache

    The ideas are awesome! Thanks.
    But your dress! Where can I get it?! It’s beautiful!

  2. Jill Jackson

    I love your videos—so helpful and informative. The pitcher and bowl make a lovely compliment in my kitchen and thanks to your video about floral design there is a lovely bouquet of lilies in the pitcher. Thank you for so freely sharing your knowledge!

  3. Debbie Mettler

    Just subscribed here and then jumped over to follow you on Instagram. I'm excited to have found you!

  4. Yarlette Gebarowski

    Great cost saving ideas. Love them all. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. Donna Bowman

    Love your great ideas….!!! Maybe I can save enough to buy those faucets behind you. GORGEOUS along with the sink.

  6. Linda Clesson

    I thought the idea of the galvanized garbage cans was perfect loved all your ideas

  7. Angela Orzlowski

    I LOVE the garbage bin planter idea. I've seen people that I know who have small yards actually use the plastic bins where they completely cut out the bottom of the bin and submerge it into the ground a little and grow citrus trees out of them. The roots are free to spread as there's no bottom. But I love your idea, it's more cosmetic. Love from Australia. Ps your home is beautiful and so are you. xxx

  8. BratBusters Parenting

    Great ideas, very creative. Especially the garbage can planters. Not sure if I could make them work that well but they look great in your yard.

  9. Christina

    i like the garbage can planters too! they look really cool painted black…what a creative idea. i have been wanting the do the sheet metal covers since i heard you talking about it on the podcast. i am on it! thanks for the great ideas!

  10. Susan Morris-Smith

    Oh my goodness… the garbage can tree planter!!!! Absolutely love it for my deck 🥰🎉 Thank you so much!!!
    Sincerely, Susan

  11. Debi Mohler

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those garbage cans!!!! And I love the fridge handle. Great…now I gotta go to home depot.

  12. margaret flood

    Kelly, I love your videos and find them helpful. However, I’m so afraid of decorating my studio apartment and making costly mistakes that I’d like to pay you to get some advice. My email is I can’t
    find your email on your site. Could
    You possibly email me. I am on a budget but so want to get it right.
    I have one recently bought cream colored sectional from Joss & Main, but am confused about chair colors and rugs and draperies. I have a few picks but don’t know if they would look good considering I have a limited budget. Thx for any advice you can give me and waiting to hear from you before I buy anything else. Margaret

  13. Charlotte Gean

    You are amazing! I loved all of those ideas and I had always struggled with the cost of large planters for my porch so this is a perfect bargain idea. Thanks so much. I think your home is gorgeous!! This is not decor related but you also have beautiful hair.

  14. Vickie Marker

    We used larger versions of those grab bars for towel racks. We wanted large bars and they were a fortune – it was a great budget friendly alternative,

  15. Bluebear Artz

    me, too, I love the garbage can idea!! definitely going to use that one for some smaller planters on my deck , thanks!

  16. Cathy

    THANK YOU! Truly, thank you so much for doing a realistic video for people with a modest income. I love the white dishes at WalMart. Plain, simple and beautiful. I have gotten a few of the pieces from this collection and they are real keepers. I enjoy all of your videos and appreciate your down to earth and wonderful decorating style. Things always have their season, but I feel like this style is very nearly timeless if you are careful in executing it. Sure updates can be made, but it doesn't seem to be drastic ones that are required. It is embracing the days gone by. Thank you for your wonderful videos. Keep them coming.

  17. Christine Whicher

    I hate my fridge, it's black plastic handle! Thank you I'm going to home depot for the handle. Great ideas!

  18. Chayo Alfaro

    Great ideas Kelly! 👍🏼👍🏼😍. Thank you so much!
    P. S. I love your outfit! 👗.

  19. Diana Chick

    Great video. Always a great pleasure to sit down with a coffee and watch your inspirational content. Such clever ideas but the one I will be using is the “garbage can” called dustbins in the U.K.. you just saved me a fortune. . You are a natural in front of the camera. Keep it coming “gal” 💕💕👏💕💕

  20. Candy JohnsonCanoli

    Are you sure Home Depot isn’t paying you? I never shop there. I’m a Lowe’s girl.

  21. Gwen Light

    Learning much watching your tutorials I also like listening to your pod cast. Thank you for sharing.

  22. lisa dugua

    Good ideas! You can save money and weight by filling up the bottom foot or so of your planting cans with empty aluminum cans btw!

  23. linda bergman

    I love the garbage can planters idea. Big trees are very expensive. Smaller tree instantly becomes a big tree. 💡

  24. Kim Johnson

    This is great i love how you think! I really want to see your refrigerator now with those handles lol

  25. Sue McEvoy

    OMG! I just priced galvanized plant containers at our (new to me, moved to the beach!) nursery/landscaping store looking for containers for our deck. I gulped at $95! and said to my husband we are getting galvanized trash receptacles!!! I love your videos! Your down to earth, practical and stylishly thinking outside the box!

  26. Janet Crane

    Thank you for being down to earth and offering these great design ideas on a budget. I love ALL of them but especially love your home.

  27. Dennis Looney

    I saw someone use the english washtubs as planters . So your idea is not that far fetch as you think . But way cheaper. The tubs were about $100 and a trash can is about $ 30 – $ 40 a pop. Quite a savings , and can be spray any color . What a bargain.


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