(86 m²) A Compact Modern Two Bedroom House With Large Kitchen https://z500.pl/projekt/672/Zx105 …

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    Your website is in Germany how do I get to English. Do you have any English links

  2. Rb Rafit

    This is a very cool house but ,need 1 more think a car parking space…..who is one thats house arkitecher deginer, plc have her varchual contact side or number or
    e-mail anythink …..i need bult a home ….a new degine…!thanks☺

  3. winter rose

    Again no builder are contractor or price or location. I'm beginning to believe these houses are imaginary

  4. karan kumar

    How can i contact the architect ? Can you do masterplanning of a small project development of 80 such houses ?

  5. Josh Herrera

    First appreciate the little things… Then the big.. Nice efficient use of space.

  6. Angel Bulldog

    I could live here…after getting rid of the black/white/gray. I did that 30 years ago and it became cold and institutional in no time.

  7. Demetris Kalambokis

    86 m2 without the veranda and walls, I assume its a 150 m2 footprint. Either way, for a small house it looks nice

  8. Lennice Ayala

    Sorry but too me all that ultra modern furniture and fixtures makes it cold and uninviting to live in. More suitable for an office than a home.

  9. massive hematoma

    Tiny is pushing it, these are just the size a family home was built in new zealand and probably most countrys in the past, very nice layouts

  10. Daniel Isaacc Velasquez Rodriguez

    Excuse me how could i get the plan of this house i really like it

  11. Macie Biermann

    Idiots! Convert square meters to square feet! It is 926 square feet. Does not fit on a channel that says houses under 500 square feet

  12. anna 12345

    Fajny tylko zbyt prostokatny i ten salon strasznie ogromny, pokoje mniejsze przytulniejsze i fajne tylko narzuta beżowa mi się nie podoba. Ja bym wolała mietowa lub turkusowa.no czemu nie możecie dać mietowe narzuty? Naprawdę nie wiecie jakie trendy w tym roku są modne? No nie beż


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