This Minecraft interior decoration building ideas house design ideas and hacks building tips and decorating tricks house tour is to show how to build 88 survival …

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  1. TheNeoCubest

    Could everyone please leave a like? If we could get 1,000 that would be amazing 😀 it took me a long time to make so I hope you guys enjoy it 😀 you’re all so awesome!!

  2. mr. edits

    Found it it's under the glass and I'm pretty sure that there are seven orchids

  3. Parker kim

    This video is basically just him walking through a Minecraft IKEA

  4. Lord And Savior

    Love the hanging chests! Love both fireplace, love the beds, love enchanting table, love the furnace designs. I love everything!

  5. Sparky

    The TNT block is under the red stained glass
    And I believe there are 7 blue orchids

  6. Mauyaan_XD

    if i like the video will u tell me a story? jk ill like the video anyways 🙂

  7. xDarkSoul_-

    I don't like family friendly channels but, for some fucking reason l love this guy.

  8. Jami Law

    9 blue orchards and the signs are above the first bed you showed??

  9. Jack Moloney

    It’d be great if you could add the number of each resource required on your survival builds so we know how much to grind before starting

    Not really relevant to this vid but like so Neo sees this idea please

  10. ToolSack 444

    Are you ever going to make a face reveal ? (Grate vid it helped me a lot ❤️)

  11. Crafty

    I don’t like this house for me they need some empty space just beAcuse it give you a place just admire and look clean

  12. Isaac Cowan

    I found the hidden tnt under the red glass at dressers, and there’s 7 blue orchids

  13. A d0gg0

    Dude I used to love your videos. But for about 2 years I didn’t watch your videos or play minecraft. All the youtubers I used to watch (popularMMOS, DanTDM, Logdotzip) I’ve either grown out of or have stopped making minecraft videos. Except you. I was heartbroken when I thought your channel died. Now your back. Thank you for bringing the nostalgia and fun back into minecraft for me. Peace.

  14. Kush Patel

    Where do you get ideas for building such good houses bunker and much more plaza reply

  15. Poopoo McMuffins

    secret TNT block under the red glass block near the 3 dark oak dressers!

  16. Javan Walker

    7 blue orchids srry bad at spelling and the tnt was one block in front of the right dresser

  17. Lil dayday Swag

    Please make a suburban home those are so nice to watch and build


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