Amazing pictures of beautiful interior gardens. Music: Habanera (by Bizet) Downloaded it from the YouTube Audio Library…

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  1. Zombie Phish

    What im looking for is a greenhouse (attached to the back of the house) that has a pond in it. Sort of like an enclosed porch with a bunch of potted and planted fruits and vegetables. A pond with Tilapia. Maybe even some parakeets and small lizards too.
    Let me know if anyone comes across something, or has something like that. I'll be designing my retirement home next year, and would like inspiration.

  2. mog512

    some of those "ideas" look affordable but for most of them it's like hey, buy a 2 million dollar house, that'll work!

  3. kim alexis

    Hello I just want to know if its possible to create any kind of insects? you know cause of the plants being indoor and all.


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