Today’s video is one I’ve never done before. I’m surprising my sister with a minimal bedroom makeover. She sent me one photo for inspo, and I had to try and …

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  1. Johanna Klingler

    Aw shit, that looks awful. Poor sister, this was not what she wanted at all

  2. Louise Aston

    Hi Alexandra,

    Can you please tell me where you got that beautiful Moroccan style stool from and roughly how much it cost?
    I absolutely LOVE IT and want to try and get one for myself😃💖
    Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work! Love! xx

  3. Bright Light

    Why does she always emphasizes she has different taste as her sister. She makes it sound like she has better taste than her sister. Which she doesn’t. Her decorating style is tacky

  4. Nicola Doering

    "She doesn't like pattern or colour". Immediately puts items with pattern and colour in the room.

    This room ended up just as fussy as it was before, just in a trendier way. I just don't get it. Alexandra, you COMPLETELY MISSED THE POINT!

  5. Beatriz Chastine

    Putting everything on display and buying extra for a minimal “look” is not minimal. You actually made the room look smaller.

  6. EM R

    Sorry but this doesn't look at all like the picture, that your sister showed you. It's full of clutter…

  7. Nahin Taba

    umm that's not minimal at all. that ladder is unnecessary and will be tough to clean, the light over the bed is unnecessary and the basket as a sidetable will be tough to clean. Clothes are gonna get dirty if u keep them out . Should have put a glass covering on the vanity table shelves for easier cleaning. Also those cushions.. why???

  8. ara Loyd


  9. sopleasedtomeetU

    The more I watch this chicks attempts at home makeovers the more I become convinced she’s actually an alien from outer space who has no idea how earthlings actually live.

  10. The Blessed Life

    Which plant is that? I have it but I don’t know its name. It will help me if someone could tell me the name of that plant.

  11. Irish Mist

    I really worry about the hanging clothes rail especially that it is attached to a beam through the ceiling, otherwise it will come down with the weight of the clothes…. this needs to be made clear in a video in case someone decides to do this and pull down part of their ceiling. Believe me girls acquire a lot and more will be added to the clothes rail ……

  12. Pamela R.

    I really don't think the ladder equals storage you could have done floating shelf as a night stand with the pendent light over it. Or if the ladder actually had the step for footing instead of dowels then it could be used to place things on. I think the rod displaying the clothes is clutter.

  13. Alaa H

    The dresser is fine, if she wanted it she just have to cut the two ends of it, and dye it white, it would look stylish.
    This's not a minimalist bedroom.
    The room only needed shelves with minimal decor and organized stuff. Her closet needed drawers so she can keep it organized and use it to its full capacity.

  14. Olivia Meuse

    when she said “that side table used to be a basket” i lmao 😂 used to be? what changed?

  15. Rebecca Treeseed

    I would have bought one nice art piece. I liked the basket upside down. Everything else just junked it out.

  16. RubyOpheliaQuinn

    So many different styles being combined here and none of them minimalism. Minimalists like clear surfaces with a few special pieces, you've basically just crammed a whole bunch of shit in her room. Instead of buying that ladder it would have made more sense to get a chest of drawers that were actually functional.

  17. sukaicosmica

    I guess her sister was no that minimalistic and more into boho decor if she liked all that macrame etc

  18. Luke McFarland

    To be a minimalist take everything out of my room and dump it and then only put back the bedding you need no friends nothing that is minimal

  19. Lara

    you know saying "minimal" every two seconds won't actually magically turn all the extra bullshit into a minimalist bedroom

  20. Susan Melero-Tripp

    I do change my bedroom into an office instead of with awards on the wall and colors as well. and I use my cube Orandering as collected.

  21. O

    You should do a rental bedroom that has installed carpet!
    Please and thank you!

  22. Jessica Ramirez

    You got rid of so much stuff and really opened the room up. I think it came out beautiful very light and airy. I tend to follow the “Minimalist” podcast for the definition of minimalism. It’s getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t add value to your life and keeping the things that do. It doesn’t mean you have to have cold blank walls and only use black and white as a color scheme. I just don’t subscribe to such a legalistic view of minimalism. Ok, and everyone complaining about a $100 ladder, maybe she has the money for that and can afford it, what does it matter to you, it ain’t your money lol. Maybe it doesn’t add value to YOUR life but maybe sister wanted a ladder maybe to hang her towel, jewelry, books idk, either way she isn’t tied to it so if she really wanted to she could get rid of it. And not everyone really cares or has the time to make a ladder. So maybe that’s why they just decided to buy it. Either way for those who consider themselves minimalist, maybe you should find a new way to spend your valuable time rather than being the YouTube minimalist police. That would be a great way to practice minimalism? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  23. Yep Ok

    I like some of the things individually but all put together I think it looked slightly more cluttered 🙁 but at least her sister liked it! 😁

  24. Alissa Purplebunnies

    I agree with the comments: not minimal, but it's a cute room makeover 🙂
    (Almost all YouTube search results for "minimal" are not really related to minimalism, so it's fine I guess)


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