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  1. Bob Gatewood

    Table & benches fold into wall art, so you now have an empty space that looks stupid? Nah. The desk that drops to reveal the bed and bench that flips into table w/2nd bench – those I dig.


    Хрень,все решения либо неудобные/не комфортные либо бесполезные.

  3. Tanvi Barman

    All these high tech automation strengthens my conviction on my beliefs that simple is best …. Thank you for making my mind even more firm that when I am constructing my house I need to concentrate on minimalist and good mechanism and simple and above all practical whether it is cleaning or pricing or practical

  4. Tanvi Barman

    All beautiful creation but but but totally impractical, expensive and pain in the nect too difficult to maintain somehow I prefer good mechajism rather than automation … But hats off to innovation

  5. SiroMAN

    Все вже бачив, а лавку-трансформер навіть зробив собі

  6. Magnus Linell

    How lazy do you have to be to motorize the closet? And even have an app to it so you don't even need to get up from bed?

  7. Prakash P

    Space saving vs cost of buying and maintaining it. Space saving vs hygiene. Space saving vs decorations.

  8. Artem Ivanov

    Богатые уроды не могут так ровно парковать машину. Им всегда что то мешает.

  9. Maria marta pascaniuc

    La prima cosa fa proprìo cagare ,cesso in cuccina
    Preferisco camminare fuori 5 min nel bosco…

  10. anna 53

    If you're too heavy for the toilet? Your girlfriend accidentally closes the cupboard while you're in it? Your dogs asleep on bed when it's lifted away? Fold out table collapses full of food? Love it all but it's a worry? Chairs on wheels were my favourite, and wall table/seat combo. Fold away kitchen was awesome!!!!

  11. KaJ uN

    The expanding table @ 3:00 is amazing 😍
    It would be absolutely perfect for projects, crafts and laying out fabric to cut omgosh 😱😂
    Love it!!! I need one that puts everything away when I'm done 😂

  12. просто кот

    Я хз.у нас одни пожары в миллионы га и даже не опасны для населенных пунктов .нам экономить нехуй.земли валом

  13. hello hun

    All the trendies in their over priced trendy apartments with their overpriced trendy accoutrements that allow them to live in a studio apartment.

  14. quienloescribe

    La idea del remolque para la motocicleta es pésima, espantosa, inútil, sobrada en peso y espacio, ademas de requerir una placa para el remolque

  15. MLFreese

    Space saving features that are so expensive that they can only be afforded by the type of people who can simply buy more space….Still a thumbs up for creativity though 🙂

  16. Marcos Leguizamon

    Les imbito a ver mi nuevo video. Lo pueden encontrarlo como: 12 frases de sabiduría

  17. Владислав В

    Кольцо для баскетбола-100-300 рублей или5$,(крепить к стене и рисуешь щит ) выдвижной щит для баскетбола 1000$ ?????


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