Make the most of the space you have! Martha shares design tips for creating effective and beautiful storage in a smaller kitchen while keeping the room …

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  1. pearshapedeve

    These ideas are sure nice but this kitchen is certainly NOT small!! That island is huge. I have a wall already where that island is. And my small family of three sit around a table probably smaller than 1/4 of that island, my back right against the sink. Not easy, and we have to be super mindful of what we bring in to home, but we learnt to be cozy nevertheless.

  2. Suzy Smith

    Ok. I love this but my entire kitchen is 3' x 8'. Millionares are obviously very disconnected from the middle class consumers.

  3. 21whichiswhich

    I love this kitchen but I wish they've put a range hood and in reality this is not a 'small' kitchen.

  4. tolykozin1

    i would love a kitchen like that but wait first i gotta find me a house first : (

  5. neha doe

    the video helped as i am redesigning my kitchen! but yes if this a small kitchen i dont know what a big looks like!! 😛

  6. Xiomy optional

    lol Designing a small space like this— This is a dream kitchen for the average person Martha!

  7. C Hudson

    This kitchen is beautiful and Martha has got some really good ideas, but wow, her idea of a small kitchen is so much bigger than mine. I would love to have a big kitchen like that with so many cupboards and drawers.

  8. Happy TX

    Great design! If home Depot were smart they would showcase Martha Stewart kitchens the same wy iIkea does.

  9. Teri Sutton

    Martha, the Home Depot in Pheonix, Oregon has the Martha Stewart kitchen in the back and then it is crammed with a blind display so you can't even get in there. They don't treat the line like it matters.


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