The cottage has two bedrooms in its single-level floor plan of 57 m2 (614 ft2). The floor plan is L-shaped with an inset porch at the inside corner. Keeping the …

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  1. michael mixon

    Like the deign but not the mono. I understand the reason for it but not my preference.

  2. Jimo

    Obviously designed for a magazine feature, since it certainly isn't fit to actually live in. No kitchen cabinets. Where is the laundry? The closets? And of course, all surfaces, fixtures, furnishings: white white white. This can't possibly be a finished product.

  3. Karen Van Zant

    Kitchen too small. Bathroom Ok bath shower combo would be better, and why no closets in the bedroom, not to mention, where is the laundry done? Oh, another off-grid home gone wrong. Well, t least it is decorated nicely. weekend retreat at most. Not a true home to live in.


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