In this video, I will show you 5 perfect colors to be used in any bedroom. I will provide you some ideas on how to use colors and how to combine each one, …

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  1. Dale Reid

    Zahira does it again… love this content btw we are doing a dark blue / grey & gold metallic accent master and a light green / beige guest room with light wood accents.

  2. Leo Rudolph

    Hey Zahira, thank you so much for answering my previous question in one of your videos. Your input was very helpful. Could you maybe also make a video on how to style and where to place futniture in bedrooms/offices with slanted ceilings? That would be lovely! Thanks.

  3. Pa Ca

    Im moving to a small aprtment and I am planning on making an accent green wall (jewel toned) with golden and wooden accents!

  4. prathima n

    I like White with pastel colours and also green with pink is a different combination which haven’t seen.

  5. Ishwar Shetkar

    Love the way u put info all together. Loved all the combinations. Thanks zihira 😊

  6. bitara

    Hi there, as always I love ALL of your videos and design tips. From the top 5 list, I would pick dark grey however, personally my favorite is black. I love shades of black in interior designs with splashes of gold and rose gold effects. I can't hardly wait for your house tour video. Really looking forward to that. Thank you. Loads of love to you.

  7. R B

    Hi I have a 6m × 6m living room with brick walls and cathedral ceiling. Can you please help to design that. I can upload the photos..

  8. Rosa Clement

    I'm a pink lady. My bedroom has a big floral wallpaper with blacks and pinks. The rest of the walls are pink. I have gold accents and the forniture are tor su ton. I love your videos they are very informative. Saludos desde Holanda.

  9. Nader El shafei

    Thanks Zahira for the effort of this great video, really very helpful , love to you from Cairo,

  10. queen 7

    Fantastic, dark gray is my favorite, gray works with any other color very well.

  11. douglas yong

    Loving the blue and grey, any rules on ceiling, wall & floor colour combination..also perhaps colours for different vibes, say Oriental, Moroccan, Scan etc. I always enjoy your vids

  12. Carlos Alvarez

    El blanco para mí es el más bonito,pero el gris oscuro queda también muy elegante.
    Yo tengo las paredes blancs y los muebles en gris oscuro y madera.
    Muy buen video!!
    Buen trabajo👍

  13. D.Signers

    Hi! Which one is you favorite Color Combination? Let me know in a comment below!

  14. mustafa elemine

    I like all of them but I love the blue one and thank you so much that was useful

  15. Dcor Store

    Hello Zahira, Excellent and amazing video. As always great tips and inspiration.

  16. Bita Bonita

    Hey 🙋‍♀️
    I don’t miss any of your videos 🤗
    Love combination of blue, white/cream and natural wood with gold metal accessories 😍

    And again.. love your blouse, it looks gorgeous on you 👍 or you look gorgeous with that blouse 🤔
    or you and your blouse are gorgeous 😆.
    Anyway, you got it 😉

  17. Elena Елена

    Very inspiring examples. Thanks a lot!
    I like the color of hope in my bedroom – pink, combined with wooden furniture and white walls!
    I am not quite sure about the curtains jet. Should I choose white or pink ?🤔
    Best wishes,

  18. Canal Ideas para comparti

    Holaaaa bellisimaaaa!!, 🤗se te extrañó la semana pasada!! me encanto el rosado y verde! Pero creo que me gusta mas combinado con beige! El problema es tengo un piso de madera que va hacia los amarillos y no hacia el café. Creo que podrías hacer un video sobre pisos xq la verdad es que el color del piso tb condiciona el color de las paredes para que quede armónico. Hace tiempo que pienso en pintar un par de paredes y me diste un empujoncito para hacerlo.cariños y felicitaciones. Profesional, simpática y bella como siempre 😀

  19. Pauline Brandt

    Absolutely adore your videos! A white minimalist bedroom for me every time. My master bedroom faces south in the U.K. therefore I have chosen a slightly cooler white to balance out, natural wood floors, warm toned accessories and touches of black. I think a touch of black can serve to anchor a space. Would love to have a glimpse of your renno! Thanks! X

  20. nandita das

    Love the color Green 😍. Could you recommend what colors will go well with light grey wall .Thanks🙏

  21. Andy Prest

    Nice upload 👍 ok I liked the white style, for a small room with a black bed and white walls, how would you colour the feature wall behind the bed if just painted ? & again if using wallpaper for the feature what colour and pattern please ? 👍👍 keep up the good work!

  22. Ramona Ion

    Zahira, what an amazing job you do, explaining in this organized manner, clearly and exemplified. Congrats, keep on doing these great videos and THANK YOU! White works better for me, but I was wondering which colors are proper for a bedroom with sunrise orientation/view and which are better for sunset view (with very good natural light). Should we take this into account when choosing a color? Can’t wait to see your home renovation.

  23. Raquel Isla

    Hi Zahira! I hope you are doing good with your reno. My favourite bedroom colour is blue but as I already have it let change to white with accents of colours👍🏻💕🥰

  24. Amel Zaia

    Love them all but the blue is my favorite. I love the green with the pink too. Beautiful and useful video as usual

  25. ilham seni

    Love this new video even more. I like the GREEN + PINK room. That's unique & outstanding too. Yet my master bedroom will b in dark purple tho. Yet one room will hv pink curtains. Thanks for doing this video. Am loving it. It is superawesome to watch

  26. Trish H

    Loved this video and images Zahira! Particularly liked the pink and grey bedrooms! Love to have a relaxed comfy sophisticated and elegant bedroom, I will be using this combination for mine! Can’t wait🤗 thanks for great video!!!

  27. Neha Oza

    Amazing 😍 lots of love 💗
    Can you share something on type of colors to be used like we have plastic paint, velvet paint and many others available in the market and all have different finishes.
    I am renovating my home right now and i want very elegant and classy look.

  28. Jackie Grant

    Hi I have three white walls and fourth is pale blue opposite the window. It is very calming. The best part about this session is the ideas for accessories – wood and metals. Thank 🙂

  29. Athir Hatem

    Great video as usual, I love them all. I would love to learn from you how to layout a down lights and spotlights in interior designing. Is it ok to use just track lights for a living room?

  30. ruwani gamage

    Effort u put in to making the videos is always visible. perfect tips as always.. best of luck and keep up the great work. 👍

  31. rishikesh mhalaskar

    Hello ma'am….I am little disappointed that….you are not making videos on topics which were given to you😭💔

  32. Aysha Atman

    I love nr.4(white) and nr.5(dark gray)
    I m new on your channel and I m so happy I found it. Very useful and inspiring.
    Thank you!


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