Todays Video is my bedroom update I hope this video gives you some inspiration and you enjoy it. You can find my Etsy store for wax melts here …

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  1. Peg Botham

    It’s looking gorgeous as always, I think sometimes it can be the natural lighting in a room that changes things. We have the Egyptian cotton shade in our dining room it’s ready for changing but I do love it in here. Our furniture isn’t grey, I can’t remember which wood it is I know it’s slightly darker than teak and it goes well with it. I’ve always been a cream walls girl until we had a new bathroom put in 2yrs ago, hubby decided to pick the paint, me cringing but the man did good as they say😄👍 he chose light grey and woodwork in white I loved it, our kitchen like yours has all white units so the grey went in there. The hall/stairs, same two colours and complete shock to hubby and our daughter my bedroom which has always been shabby Shic, wall paper with ditsy roses and white furniture but it is soon to be decorated in grey with grey and white bedding and I’m so looking forward to it.😄👍xx

  2. puzzlecanes

    I found mirrors like the three above your bed at Wayfair. Just search for Geometric glass mirrored wall decor.

  3. Barbara Howens

    Hi Toni, your Bedroom looks lovely well done, hope your hands are better after cleaning up the spilt paint 😭, as I've said before your home is absolutely gorgeous…. 😍

  4. Amran Awad

    بيتك مشاء الله حلو😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  5. Karen Champion

    Hi Toni what a disaster with the paint spilling 😕 love the grey it looks so much nicer against the white lamps makes them stand out more well done for staying calm enjoy the room xx

  6. The Youtja

    Ive got a great idea give me your old bedroom light 🤣🤣 will look lovely in our hallway that! Thanks you please!

  7. lorraine haxton

    Hi Toni your room is lovely with the grey but i also liked the other colour,but if your not happy thats all that matters.Soz to hear about the paint spilling,poor hubby probs felt awful lol xx

  8. Sue Thomas

    Toni I love your bedroom the way it is.
    I also love the little mauve coloured flowers 👍 it’s funny but I’m not a lover of the greys and the modern contemporary look, however I can appreciate other people’s taste for their home. I completely agree with you that the shabby chic look isn’t really you, especially after seeing your gorgeous home and how you’ve styled it.
    I’m really glad you changed the colour to what you like because it has to be a relaxing and peaceful place for you to be happy in, and I really do like it xxx

  9. Gwen Morris

    Lovely colour! I love Farrow and Ball colours and finishes. Well done Toni – everything looks great! Hope you managed to clean up your spare room OK. You must have been horrified – I feel your pain!!!! 😱 xx

  10. jacqueline lem

    Morning Toni your bedroom always looks lovely but l love the new colour best to stick to what you like. Have a great week love Jackie xx

  11. Carole Enever

    I've just decorated my bedroom in a vinyl silk for walls and ceilings in Ivory love the colour on my walls feels carming and relaxing now.

  12. Grace Cabral

    The bedroom looks great! Thanks for sharing have a great day 🌸💕

  13. Rosa -F

    Oh Toni I felt so sorry for you with paint spill but your bedroom looks lovely now and have a rest and relax job well done xx

  14. Teresa Barrett

    Toni. I always loved your bedroom! i am in the process of doing mine exactly the same way! I love your new wall. I really would nt change anything about it! Its lovely!

  15. debbie cockbill

    For me you just cant beat grey it's such a calming colour. Love it! x


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