Looking to makeover your bedroom but don’t know where to start? Watch this! With these gorgeous bedroom accent wall ideas turn your boring room from bland …

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34 Responses

  1. Melissa Kp

    Im going to move out soon and i love the wood style!!!! Ty so much ❤️ My Family will be surprised that im so „skilled“ 😂😆

  2. Wonderfully Made Lex

    Short, sweet and inspiring! To Lowes I go. Thanks for the awesome videos

  3. Jennifer Chase

    I love SW accessible beige paint. It is a great neutral color! Great room redo.

  4. vamsi chevvuri

    Your content,ideas and videos are amazing but you need to work on ur thumbnails..

  5. Mustlovebooks15

    Why do people seem to hate color so much? I really don’t understand this new grey/beige/white trend that is going on. So depressing.

  6. Sue Shaytar

    I have a question that I hope maybe u can help w. I really like how u redo rooms n am having a problem w my furniture. When we bought out home we had to take the bedroom furniture w it. The piece is a huge wall to wall unit w a mirror in the middle but it is white lacqured type. Any suggestions on what I can do to update that besides to cut it apart n throw it away. We would have to literally cut it up to get it out of the house so any suggestions would b great. Thank u!!-

  7. SarkyCow

    I like the room, when you went with the wood I was a bit ehhh, but the finished room looked really lovely, EXCEPT for that horrid dead animal skull with flowers and stuff stuck in it that was put above the door.

  8. 1Confidenttrini

    I love the outcome. I especially loved the way you showed the different ideas too. ❤️😍😍😍😍🏆💥😘

  9. Katarina P

    I was gonna like it, but then you put a dead animal's head on the wall.

  10. Chrisrayconway

    This is AMAZING I was about to ask for more detail on the wall but y’all delivered. Can you do a vid on bed frame or backboard ideas?


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