Over the past few months i’ve been working on my BEDROOM MAKEOVER and I thought it’d be fun to take you all along with me…my bedroom isn’t very big, …

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  1. Amber Lovess

    its so relatable that this process takes weeks, some YouTubers do this in 1 day and im like.. no that is not possible haha love the end result!

  2. Julia Allinger

    Your bedroom looks really cosy, the pictures are really cute as well! 😍

  3. Love

    Even i since my teen hood been fascinated with luxurious hotels with white bedding and so i thought why not make my bed look n feel luxurious as well. Also i love that new drawer knob 👍

  4. Andrea K.

    I love the final look of your bedroom, it looks so cozy ☺️ I'm moving into my fourth bedroom next month ☺️

  5. Shelly Zev

    Love this video!! You did such a good job on your space 😍 I’m on my 4th bedroom haha

  6. Jess Lee

    I've had 4 bedrooms
    1 when I was born till i was 3
    then 1 from when I was 3 – 13 in a new house, (got a bunk bed then had to share that room with my sis for a while don't remember how long.
    then moved to a different room in that house, Probably from 13-16, still shared a room but no more bunk bed
    And now a new house and a new room which I got to paint a chalkboard wall for by myself!!

  7. Ashley

    I have all black furniture yes you have to dust. But I got contact paper for the surfaces and a swifer

  8. Esther Ti

    I've had 5 bedrooms too. My room at home is the one I've had my entire life (22 years and my family has never moved!). Then there's my freshman uni dorm. And an apartment that I subleased 1.5 months for summer school right after. Then back at home because I flunked my first year ☹️ but that doesn't count. And an apartment when I went back to uni two years later to work on readmission (and I got back in!!!), except that one was absolute trash. And finally, my current place, which is like 10000x better than the previous one because it's a lot cleaner and more visually appealing.
    Your room looks amazing and I love your sense in aesthetics! Can't wait to see the full apartment video!

  9. anjali jayanty

    ive had 3 bedrooms! one shared with my brother until i was 4, one when we moved to our new (at the time) housr, and now ive moved into a bigger bedroom in the same house for the past 7 years. we've been in this house for 13 years! and my next bedroom will be next September when i move out for university 💞

  10. Ana Rita Pereira

    I love when you and your mom talk in mixed Portuguese and English 😀. I love your videos and how your bedroom turned out! ❤ kisses from Portugal 😘


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