Decorating on a budget can be colorful and chic! Plus a canopy DIY made from a hula hoop! TargetStyle and I team up to show you just how simple it is to style …

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  1. Karina K.

    "Omg, $1000 is so much, that's not on a budget." Have you ever decorated your room? Have you ever looked at the prices of such things? As a young adult I can say: this room is rather on the cheap side and looks great. Also, nobody told you to go buy everything in one go.

  2. Randomness TV

    How much did you spend on this room ?And I think it looks just like a magazine it looks so trendy !💁🏻✨

  3. Saphirebelle xx

    Can you do a small teen girls tumblr room on a budget cause my room
    Is smallish and purple and I'm going to paint it white but I can't fit everything I need for school and everything I want like makeup clothes etc xx and I can't find anything good and affordable and fits into a small box room xx

  4. nikki chan 101

    how much does the room cost to have??? xD I <3 u and ur channel!!!!

  5. AmieAmie

    Gosh I want you to come do my bedroom. It is in desperate need of your magic touch! 🙈❤❤

  6. Life As Marie

    When i redid my room 99% of everything i got was purchased at a local helping hands store bc too broke to go out buying brand new things. Still really pretty! Wouldn't call it 'edgey' though.

  7. Sarah Powell

    Wow this is really cool!! I love your channel so much, this is so cool!!


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