Considering a kitchen renovation? Designer Sheree Stuart — who has a background in finance — breaks down the cost of her homeowners’ newly-renovated …

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  1. Passing Moments

    Please continue to share the costs for all makeovers – regardless of budget! So helpful and interesting to know. I am assuming hiring a designer would cost anywhere from $10000 to $35000 depending on experience and name?

  2. Que2 H.

    My addition was $159,150.00 . The appliances were (imho: needlessly)at least twice what we paid for our appliance package alone (Jennair built ins, double oven, drawer micro, glass cooktop, bev center, dishwasher, & 42" counter depth ref.- $20K). We received a bid from a design kitchen company BUT ended up contracting everything ourselves with a custom cabinet shop. We came in at about half the designer kitchen/contractor. I'm surmising that using a "boutique " designer adds considerably to the bottom line. For us, the roll of self contractor was worth it.

  3. Cynthia C

    Although this kitchen costs the price of a small house (in a non-city area), the costs make sense if you think about it in comparison to the rest of your house. The kitchen and bathrooms will swallow up a solid 2/3 of the budget (not including furniture), whereas rooms – giant empty boxes – take up less.

    Though I will say that they definitely could’ve found more affordable options (that are just as high quality) for the millwork, and possibly the extension itself. And those two pendants are def not worth $1.2k apiece….

  4. Robyn Dismon

    Please explain precisely how u save money on appliances by sending the old ones 2 Habitat 4 Humanity? (Kudos 2 that organization. They r amazing).

  5. Abraham Hernandez

    At 160k CAD You can actually buy a really nice house in a nice gated community in my hometown here in Mexico. Which in a larger and more expensive city (like mexico city) you could still buy a really decent apartment.

  6. Chelsea Clark-Martin

    Wow! That’s expensive! It’s beautiful but wow! I can’t imagine having more than 100,000 to use for my kitchen.

  7. wild nfl

    Huh… here’s a bunch of expenses..
    But we “saved” by sending items to habitat for humanity, and recycled some faucets…. bahahaha ha ha

  8. plugrapls

    Thank you for including the cost breakdown! So helpful. Yes this is a pricey kitchen but also beautiful!

  9. Carmen Rubio

    What on earth!!! Is that normal in Canada??? Here in Europe 20000 is already a hefty price for a kitchen! I'm shocked.

  10. Nadia Ali

    120000$ is crazy expensive! And I am Pretty much sure you wont get that investment back the moment you want to sell the house!

  11. ian1856

    Gorgeous kitchen (it's aging well) and fantastic presentation. You really know your stuff!

  12. Sharon MacDougall

    Oh for goodness sake, this is exactly why House and Home magazine is so out of touch with the average homeowner. Yes a beautiful kitchen but 116,300.00. Frankly it is very similar to the trend today of white kitchens. Pretty but not that unusual or unique.

  13. Michele Paccione

    They added up the costs to $116,000, but somehow forgot the $44,000 for appliances. Which means it actually cost $160,000 CAD, or about $120,000 USD. Interesting to know what a kitchen like this costs.


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