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  1. jem ram

    love love love it! I have found the lights but how many do I need please? happy Christmas all

  2. Sarah Prendergast

    You are the best ….beautiful! I am obsessed with the Christmas decoration you do

  3. Christine Elders

    I didn't think anything could compare to the icicles hanging from the ceiling but this is breathtaking!

  4. Maria Macanufo

    hi Rebecca the job is gorgeous beautiful like all you do but if you let me suggest you something I like more your hair before then the new style is not sexy you are absolutely beautiful you need to go back to the other side of the hair??????????

  5. Tony Johnson

    Gorgeous love as always! Also noticed your wall sconce slowly melting during the video yikes!

  6. OMGangelXD

    hi y'all. I've been looking those tea cozies or doilies all over the internet. can anyone help me find the same or something similar? thanks

  7. Sheri Sandlin

    What are the diamond bejeweled tea copies actually called and where can I buy them?

  8. trinity1924

    Just wondering where you got your lights. I tried Amazon, Ebay, etc and no luck. I even tried using starlight lights as you mentioned in last year's Apothecary jar video,but no luck.

  9. Amy

    Thank you for saying you don't fill the holes…. every year I was curious about this

  10. Bernadine Royal

    Love those led lights, what is the brand name and can I get them here in Canada ? Or even not your brand but ones similar

  11. Leni R

    I have subscribed to the design sessions but am unable to see the bonus tutorial for this video. Has anyone else had this problem?

  12. Betsyann

    Absolutely beautiful? How do I order the ornaments and the crystal stones on top, I absolutely love them?


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