Shabby chic style start to gain more and more ground among people, who want to have a house designed elegant, but giving it a look of vintage decor.

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  1. Kimberly Kimble

    The music accompanied the video very well. This reminded me of Main St. Disneyland. :)

  2. jillian stuart

    Grig…nice video, nice music. I see a lot of people like the music and wondered what it is, perhaps you could be bothered to share that info.

  3. Lucy Campos

    hermoso me encantooo!! esos colores pasteles envejecidos me matan,la música maravillosa y cálida felicidades.

  4. pastora marcia braga

    I love it.  The music is awesome.  What decade is that music?

  5. Bazanteria

    Hi Guys. If You like this kind of interiors, french country style, shabby chic style, old furniture, flea market findings, antiques please visit my Facebook page: "Musical Furniture". Page is active and i post every day pictures from the projects i did. Thanks ;)

  6. Leigha Chantrose

    My first thought when I heard the song? Bioshock! Lovely, thanks for posting this.

  7. Billie Drury

    Love shabby chic need ideas for my grandaughter ' s nursery in shabby chic she will be born sometime in September

  8. Grace Valdivia

    WOW just love this, My compliments from  Shabby Chic NoStAlGiC DeLiGhTs ,  
    by the way would love to Know what the musioc is from?  Goes so well with the clip.

  9. susan powell

    does anyone know who did this verstion of you are my lucky star please….and looove the shabby chic

  10. Babyhowdy233

    Oh man, I LOVE your "shabby chic" interiors!!!
    The interiors at 2:04, 4:29, 6:20 and 10:45 are especially stunning
    and I would kill to have that dresser at 10:35 and that exquisite
    fireplace at 10:51!!

     I wonder how exactly did it acquire the name
    "shabby chic" as to me it isn't shabby, just chic!  :)

  11. Sigrid Haldirsson

    Wow, love your video.  More videos and longer ones pleeease??  Lots of dreamy shabby!  :-)


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