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  1. mattelmexikendoll

    NICE!!! Just one thing what if I have more than 4 pair of shoes 🙂

  2. Melanie & Harish

    It looks cool but doesn't seem very functional. More cons than pros 😐

  3. Chaz Evansdale

    My guess is that would get really heavy and hard to open when full.

  4. tonkacaptain

    Might have been better to see it with shoes in it……

  5. Adventuring in the Mountains

    I would've like to have seen shoes in it. ;p

  6. minimalist

    This guy probably has a lot of great ideas. Hope he posts more.

  7. Jason Stone

    Loved meeting Chris this weekend and seeing this build (and his camper workshop) in person. Such a cool and creative guy.

  8. Avril

    So…. how does one use the shoe rack? That looks like a lot of wood and little space for sticking my hiking boots in.


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