Here’s my full kitchem makeover transformation video! It’s been a long time in the making, but I’m really happy it’s finally finished (minus the door handle, but …

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  1. Danielle Lathan

    It's really irks me how unbalanced everything looks. The upper shelves would make so much more sense if they were L shaped to match the bottoms cabinets/ kitchen shape.


    Great job Hermione! You are incredibly talented! A thought, you may want to move the chalkboard over to the right of the door, this may make it much easier to write on it.

  3. SG R

    I love this kitchen. It’s bright airy and no clutter but still has personality

  4. NaNcy KnOll

    Looks awesome! I love that you incorporated your family board! I would use it for inspiring quotes. ♥️

  5. Elwène Llp

    I actually like the chalk board a bit of center ^^'
    I've been following the house reno since the beginning and I really like what you've done with the kitchen 😀

  6. carmen teixeira

    You did an amazing job…it all looks lovely! ~Cheers from Toronto, Canada xoxo

  7. Rita Crane

    Could you please tell me where your wooden floors are from and what stain you used? They are beautiful! 🙂 Great job on your kitchen!

  8. Becky Harding

    The floor – what is it?! Is it just basic pine planking or something stronger? I just absolutely love the look and the floors are on our to-do list here!

  9. Aneta Gibbs

    I laughed so much when you said that you followed some random dot putting the chalk board 😃 so me..I am measuring ten times and then its like "oh shit" 😃

  10. Lauren Mahon

    Leave the chalk board xx I never change things like that ,, ur own quirky fuk up 😂 xx love it

  11. Sarah Steinkamp

    Your kitchen looks great…….have you ever thought about having a pantary built in, in the area you have the microwave & sideboard in? It would give you a heap of storage & hide lots of clutter! Just a thought😊

  12. i.e.presents

    Beautiful job! I would gold or copper foil those pendant lamps next if it were me.

  13. Fiona Morris

    It looks great Hermione. Could you buy another chevron shelf and put it next to your chalk board? It would match the symmetry and number of shelves in your kitchen and probably fit perfectly. 😊😊👍

  14. Rebecca Ferguson

    It’s so beautiful! I love the feminine feeling of it. Also, you look great too!!!

  15. Stefanie Sombaty

    You have done such a wonderful job on your entire home. Hope you are house proud.

  16. Barbara Lorenzana

    Redoing my bedroom for the 100th time i just painted and put contact paper on a filing cabinet

  17. Swayspirit

    Another fantastic make-over. I admire you so much. I wish I had half of your abilities!

  18. Greta M

    Amazing job girl. It must have taken so much of hardwork to complete this and it's so beautiful and functional. If I may offer a suggestion, the place where you have the small cabinet with the microwave on top – instead of that cabinet, you can try adding a full length pantry cupboard. It will provide a lot of storage and it would be tucked into that corner, so it wouldn't pose as a hindrance


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