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  1. Ramon - at HOME

    Check out part one of this new decorating makeover on a budget series. On part one i show you how i put together my inspiration mood board and how you can pull together a look. Link to video below

  2. She'sa beauty

    I watched this video earlier in the day but got busy and didn’t comment but I’m coming to now to comment because you and J did a fabulous job, this video provided so many fabulous tips and I just can not wait see the reveal of the painted walk and bookshelves. So happy that our fabulous special guest came back for and appearance in this video. Awesome work you guys….like I seriously am enjoying it all❤️👋🏾!

  3. Charlene Trovato

    Second setup definitely gives you more space
    Love that Jamison is involved with the decor!
    I had a black wall in my kitchen which I did in
    black, white, and red I loved it I think it will look fabulous! Anxious to see end result I know it will be amazing!!!!

  4. Wanda Delacruz

    Hi Ramon. You both are fantastic. Can’t wait to see your series of videos. Hugs from IL

  5. Connie Inks

    Only thing I would have done differently would be switch the sofa to where the accent chairs are. My reason was because it is a chaise type sofa and to me it would be awkward to watch tv with it that way. Other than that I love the configuration. And the desk is a nice touch! Defiantly think the book cases will look good white. Keep up the good work!❤️from SC

  6. sheryl lott

    I love the layout of the furniture but I'm a little iffy about the black wall. But I'm so excited to see how it's going to come out. Shout out to Jameson!!!!

  7. firebug235

    I love it but is it hard to watch the tv? If not go for it:) By the way, I love you and Jamison so much!! You could sit and talk about the weather for hours and I would watch it. Haha!

  8. Victoria Bourgeois

    Row house was my favorite. Where have you been? Glad you are hatless and glad Jameson is included in your last couple of videos. Tfs cheers

  9. zachtownsend1

    By painting the bookcases the room won't look as weighted on that side. I like the configuration. As mentioned by another viewer I agree with Debbies, but with the change, I think it will look really nice. A few plants please. Marie from MI

  10. Dianne Wyman

    Ramon and Jameson, this is too fun! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve awakened in the middle of the night to see if I really liked that paint color or if the wallpaper stayed on the wall! I just chuckled. I think it is a part of decorating with your whole soul! I love the configuration. It is open and has great light. The lucite chair is the bomb. And what a talking point for your guests! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  11. Ronda Thiesen

    I like the 2nd configuration better and I think the whit shekves will look really nice!

  12. Mary C.

    two for the price of one! You should make Jameson a regular guest.

  13. Cindy Cook

    Love the reconfiguration of the living room definitely works. What are you going to do for lighting? That always gets me when I want to float my sofa. Oh no we have to wait for the reveal! LOL <3 love to see both of you working together.! <3 <3

  14. brenda dallas

    Hi Ramon ! I enjoyed so much this video The second choice is the best !!! You and Jameson are so sweet and funny !!! Love the trunk,the sofa and the ghost chair !!! Thank you so much !!!

  15. Jade Stone

    Idk what is on the wall behind the accent chairs but the sofa might do better over there to level the room . It looks heavy on the side with book shelves. Try it you might like it! Lol. Love the crisp black and white can’t wait to see what you guys do with the black wall!

  16. Rosalind Hambleton

    Bonjour Ramon, the layout is nice but I think you will not like it when watching TV you will have to twist your neck and it will become very uncomfortable. Dont know if you have enough wall to put the TV elsewhere …..

  17. 4tun8nanette

    Love that you are so excited about the change. I like the furniture configuration, I never think about having the couch is perpendicular to the TV. I dont know why.

  18. Kuge

    Hi Ramon and Jameson! Really loving this. I can't wait till you get things painted up. I bet you even won't believe how much change it will make. I'm wondering what pop of color you guys will use.Can't wait!!!!!! Love you guys. Happy Dreams. OHIO

  19. Creative Homescaping

    I definitely agree with the new configuration. And I like the paint colors you chose for both the walls and the furniture. I hope you enjoy your "new" room.

  20. BarbDecor

    Ramon and Jamison, thanks for all the wonderful pro tips. The reconfiguration looks fabulous. I love the chairs and the trunk. Tell Jamison he looks good in the spotlight. I can tell he is becoming more comfortable!

  21. Richard Thessen

    I think the sofa should go where the chairs are and move the chairs by the doorway to the dinning room.

  22. Carolynn Bromm

    Second choice of configuration is the best. I definitely agree. It's so nice to see Jameson again.

  23. marilyn Cruz

    Ramon and Jamison, You are a great team together. Good job on the livingroom layout. I enjoyed watching the video. I can't wait to see the final look. As always, take care.

  24. Lorraine Barrie

    I love the changes, go bold on the accent wall!❤ I can relate to not sleeping because of excitement for the design😉
    Hi Jamison😘

  25. SunnyRae Star

    Hi Ramon and Jamison, I agree with Jamison, just moving the furniture around it does give it a new feel!! I like the configuration and that black and white rug💖
    I can't tell you how much I enjoy your videos and this new series is so inspiring for me. I'm learning from you to shop my house too.
    Thanks once again, I'm looking forward to the next part of this series.
    Your the best Ramon💥💜

  26. Tuttie

    Aye. Chiquitos lindos. You guys motivate us. Good jobs guys. Every thing is awesome. Blessings to you and Jamison it makes me feel so good to see you two working together. 🌹👍😎😙🌻😍

  27. Martha Pingel

    Hi Ramon and Jason sorry if I spell his name wrong love the idea of both working in u home 🏡 show the passion and care u guys have x decoration, looking forward to see u series I will tell my friend to follow u…. 👋 👍

  28. Debbie Davis

    I think the sofa where you have it makes the room look weighted on that side because of the bookcases and the room behind it..But of coarse I don’t know what’s on the wall behind the chairs but I would swap the sofa and chairs.

  29. Sharon Nagy


    I like the idea that your TV
    ISN'T your focal point in this room. However, the size of the TV is a benefit — It's very appealing. It's in a neutral location that could and will be viewed by all when needed.
    Moving the couch, opening the 'walk way' between the desk and couch is perfect.
    Using a ghost chair is a great accent. This look allows for a open breezy feel.

    I'm very interested in the black wall…..WHAT A 💥BURST OF COLOR!
    Those bookcases will POP when painted white!

    ~ So looking forward to seeing more!
    You have raised my level of interest up a notch!!!

  30. Estrella Perez

    Hi Jamison, great team! Already learned a lot! Yes much btr configuration. You ACED the room! Painting the bookcases was a great idea as there was too much dark furniture. Accent walls are also so refreshing in a room. Nice job guys!!!

  31. Maria Flores

    Hey Ramon enjoying the design process of decorating a room to give it a fresh and exciting look. So I'm thinking since you're painting the book cases white why don't you use gold gilding wax to accent the edges of the shelves and frame, maybe in a "distressing effect." That would give the shelves a more "up scale" look than just being plain white. I love how white and gold look together and accenting anything white with gold or silver gilding wax makes that item pop. Just an idea. Thanks for sharing this decorating journey. Many blessings.

  32. Tifa Lucia

    Hello love . Love that blue on you thanks for the decord tips .

  33. Thriftyshopper L

    Love the job you’re doing and your tiles on your floor is gorgeous very shiny like mirrors very nice thanks for sharing

  34. Pam Wilkerson

    Love the layout and I think that painting the bookcases white is a great idea.

  35. Cindy Thompson

    Oh My! Black is a very bold choice. My husband painted our whole media room a very dark blue while I was away from the house. I came back to a very big surprise! I will be interested to see what paint you choose, what finish you choose for the paint and how it turned out. I am thinking of redoing the media room with a lighter color, perhaps a lighter grey color. Perhaps one accent wall will remain blue? Thank you for letting me see how you do this so I can follow alo!ng with my own house

  36. Cindy Thompson

    I would be concerned about comfort in watching the tv. That is what I do the most in a room like this and it would seem my neck would be twisted. For entertaining, I think it would be great !! When I was growing up everyone decorated around the placement of the tv so perhaps I'm still doing that. If the tv wasn't in the room I could see this as a wonderful sitting group. What do you think?


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