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31 Responses

  1. Victoria Bourgeois

    What is the name of your sides tables? That's a great idea!! I must have them..

  2. Amber Lin

    Wish I was as crafty as you! You have a real eye for what things could be. Loved your video.

  3. Saundra Lopez

    Seeing you use your toes was awesome. I use my toes to pickup stuff and my husbands says im weird. Not everyone can do it but we can… So we are special!!!!!

  4. Lorraine G.

    it looks great I love the room and especially the revamped lamps and the organizer at the foot of the bed you could probably put a flat long 6" pillow on their to sit to put your shoes on or off

  5. TheMedicalmary

    Thank you, I really enjoyed your video and nope I didn't know what symmetry was… by the way, I think the mirror looks great…!!! Thanks again…!

  6. Jazmine Lamont

    watching in 2017, my have your videos changed in quality over time. you've really made something of urself, congrats

    btw, love ur fabric land thing. I'd love if ud b able to help me with my headboard. pinterest hasn't helped me. so If k could send u a picture somewhere

  7. Aqhleema Shad

    truly written on ur accent wall. .. DREAM. .. ur bedroom is actually a dream for millions

  8. Jolene Rader

    I love the lamps these are a cute find. I love the idea for decorating tips.

  9. vera staley

    you bring reality back to women. we have the ability to create without putting our families in financial distress. I really enjoy your videos. This is one of the major lessons that I learn each time I watch your videos

  10. Cassandra Thompson

    How have I not found you before NOW!!! Today is my first time with you…. I love your personality and you clear how to tips. You are just what I need for my turning over a new leaf, caring about what my home looks like.

  11. Ashley Gill

    Hi! Ashley again… so, SO MANY QUESTIONS…. In my bedroom, my bed only fits on one wall, and it has a wide, small window above it…. so…. how the HECK do I turn that into a focal point??? Also, 3,5 and 7 rule???? you should TOTALLY do another video and elaborate about this…. and, how do we know which wall to paint for an accent wall???? Hopefully these are some video ideas to consider, and hope to hear from you!

  12. Jennuwin Living

    this is by far my favorite diy bedroom! So posh on a budget 😍 ps. your hilarious and your bedroom is beautiful 💙


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