You guys wanted to see “Design With Me” videos, so here is at least one! I walk you guys through my living room and kitchen and show you guys what I am planning to replace and add to our new…

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  1. Naomi Kroeker

    Great choices for designing the new spaces. Have you considered a round kitchen table? I think it would compliment your kitchen so much more, rather than how the rectangular one floats and mirrors the kitchen island. Just a thought. We found our table at a thrift store and re-stained it to the exact color we wanted.

  2. Crystal Jent

    I've got a question I have a jack Russell female also, did or do you have any problem of her biting strangers that she don't know ,I've tried everything with my dog and I don't know what else to do,or does she attack or grawl at other dogs

  3. Tabitha Kelley

    I do have to say, I am thouroughly impressed with how much less stuff you have in your home from when I first started watching y'all a few years ago. Like THOUROUGHLY impressed. You rock!

  4. Tabitha Kelley

    A fiddle leaf fig or dracena plant next to the little chair would be really nice.

  5. sustainablefox

    Is the table from IKEA made from solid wood (or at least the top)? If so, you could just stain the wood in whatever shade you like. Just a thought. 🙂

  6. S C

    i say option 1 for the rug it'll be nice notes of yellow and not too in your face. I think you mentioned worrying about that in a previous video

  7. Jordan Wheeler

    I think a white table is so clean and simple! Not a fan of the light wood with the floors ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Krista

    I would go with option 1 for the rug, as for the table personally I like the light wooded one 🙂 Looking forward to what you decide!

  9. Di Life and Style

    I know it's probably not in the budget, but you should consult an interior designer who works with minimalism. You'd probably be amazed at the suggestions. 🙂

  10. Melissa W

    FUN!! you could put a reflective mirror "decal" on the glass bit on the mantel…if you know what i mean?

  11. Lesley

    Love the rug with the diamonds, yellow is a good choice nice and bright and cheery 😊

  12. Stronger Thru Him

    Love the multicolored rug for the kitchen. You have a lot of solid in the kitchen so that will be nice.

  13. Sally Huffman

    I saw some cute hexagon planters on Home and Family which airs on the hallmark channel. I look to see if they're on their website and let you know.

  14. Patricia Ann

    Option 1 for the kitchen rug, and I love the hexagon wall things! I really like the pallet coffee table too!

  15. Tiffani Wilbrook

    Omg! Sooo beautiful 💖 I can’t wait to buy my own house. I love modern rustic look! My Pinterest is full of looks. The white coffee table in the living would look great with the white pillows on the couch definitely depends on the new couch though

  16. Nicole Millard

    Option 1 for kitchen rug. I personally do not like the look of the play kitchen in the living room, maybe put it off the end of the island? So you are buying a white couch and having white throw pillows? You could really make your kitchen table pop and buy a yellow metal table from Ikea. Also I've found end tables are better to have than a coffee table with kids. They just fall and run into things way to much!

  17. Sarahanne Schloneger

    I say option 2 for the yellow rug, and light wood for the table.

  18. Savanna Southern

    I think the white table or something the color of the floor would look better then the wood look but that's just my opinion

  19. Service Dog In Training Chopper

    I like option one for the kitchen rug. Its subtle yellow with other colors too. I dont like yellow too much but I like that rug. I think it has enough yellow but not too much. I think option two would just be too much yellow and would stand out too much. For the table i like wood tones in that area. I think white would be just too bright. But it would still look good. I just think a wood table would warm up the space a lot.

  20. Sarah K

    You've planned more for your place, then I have after living here for 2 years. Haha. It's hard to commit to holes in my walls. Or a style/ feel I want.

    Are you able to stain that light wooden table from Ikea the same as the chair legs colour?

  21. Dreamer 86

    Nitraab on youtube has cute design on her house to home series you should check it out

  22. Melissa Alexander

    Are you going to put the old furniture upstairs in the unfinished area? You could keep the couch for filming and just recover it

  23. Melissa Frick

    I absolutely love the minimalist look…. But it's not me lol I love warm wood tones and cozy…. "clutter" I guess lol like I love hanging pictures of my family in my house and covering walls in framed pictures or canvases.

    We don't have a TV or cable either, our focal point in our living room is our bookshelf 🙂 I hated the idea of the focal point being the TV and everything centers around it. I had a friend ask me "if you don't have TV…. What do you point all your furniture towards?" lol!

    I think my kitchen is the worst with useless clutter. Too many kitchen "one use gadgets" that we never use. When we move (hopefully this year!) I plan to really clean out and get a ton of junk out

  24. kristi nodwell

    The table in the kitchen needs to be brown in my opinion. 🙂 love your ideas Arianna for the living room area with those plant boxes. I just got back from taking my son to soccer practice. Yalls house is coming along beautifully. Goodnight guys. I love yalls family volg channel as well.

  25. Denise Plencner

    I agree on the dinning room table need more color. Too much white. Maybe you can put some accent chair cushion in the yellows again.

  26. Kelsey Hatton

    I have to admit it would be hard for me to be a minimalist… I love decorations and pictures on the wall. Lol!! You definitely have a lot more control than me.
    You're house is so beautiful too!!
    I really like the darker wood for the livingroom and dining room. I feel like it adds more color to the already white walls and stuff.
    I really liked the triangle yellow and grey carpet too. It kinda brought everything together when I saw it on screen I feel like…
    Also love the idea of air plants for the walls. Super adorable!!
    Anyway. That's my 2 cents. XD I hope youre having a wonderful day and that you're getting well adjusted to your beautiful home. Congrats!!

  27. GinaJkjv

    In my humble opinion, I would suggest your next dining room chairs should have cushy built in cushions. They are so much more comfortable and cozy at a table and your behind will thank you for it, eventually. ☺️ I think a round or hexagon shaped table would work best in the dining area. Just a suggestion. I love your house! So nice.

  28. Arkansas Family

    I like the triangle rug better. I also think darker wood would look great (the color of the legs on the grey chair) for side tables and kitchen table.
    I totally understand why you want to keep things so simple. You’ve been so confined in rental spaces, you like to keep it open and clutter free. I would feel the same way. Whatever you do, it’ll look amazing and it already does. So happy for you and your beautiful family.

  29. Faith Hope Love

    Option 1 for the kitchen rug. I LOVE The octagonal shelf with plants idea too!!

  30. mommyduncan84

    Maybe move the girls little kitchen to the wall where the cubbies are, and make your couch larger instead of eliminating seating. You can honestly never really have enough seating, especially if your couch is your only seating option except the chair in the corner. Also, the chair is cute, though a bit small for the space. Maybe keep the chair there, and get a cute little circular side table next to it with a cute little stack of books and or magazines/maybe a candle or a small light and framed photo. So many options 🤗 Love the space 👍🏻

  31. fairlightbright

    We're currently house hunting so I'm so excited for you! Have fun making it yours 😊 I might pull the furniture away from the walls a bit especially the windows.

  32. Joan Milano

    If you go to some thrift stores or antique stores, you may find the perfect table for that corner chair. You'll be surprised at the things you can find there and the wonderful deals.


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