500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Damask and Solid Sateen Collection – http://bit.ly/2P9s99b Today’s video is an easy master bedroom WOW DIY’s. Check out …

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  1. Mackenzie Good

    The water based topcoat you used for the bench…is that compatible to a one coat polyurethane?

  2. Yolanda Medina

    Love how you give thrift store items a new life! My favorite was the bench with the BLK stencil! Have a nice weekend 🤗

  3. My Living Journal

    Well since you ask, I don't care for the basket & I guess I would have used grey on the bench. The bench looks lovely. All great diy's. Thanks

  4. Kit Green

    I love these! The bench is definitely my favorite too! I think the black was a perfect choice, it goes with your sign behind your bed! My master bedroom is also grey and I’ve been trying to figure out a color to use as an accent color. I love the moss green! It will definitely be high upon my list of considerations! I just love your videos, you do so many different things in the home! Keep them coming girl! Love it!! 💗

  5. Samantha Oconner

    Sorry abt that, my dog de decided to reach up & paw a wrong key. I LOVE every project I've seen you, however in agreement w/the bench being the fav, I wish I could find a thrift store near me, especially now the things I've learned watching these videos!!, can't wait to see what else you do! (tyfs), have a very blessed day!!!

  6. Amy Davis

    I have been scouring retail stores for a gray duvet, Home Depot, who knew???

    Love trash to treasure, that's 95% of my home lol

  7. Roslyn Shaw

    I have the same sheet set , I don't care for distress furniture , luv the bench.

  8. Barbara Granger

    The bench is beautiful and it really won me over. They are all cute but the green stripe with the stencil just made the bench stand out for me.

  9. Kathy Thomas

    At first I thought the gray would be better on the stencil but your finished product was spot on! Love the bench!

  10. Delores Battle

    I love them all…but my favorite is the bench, you did amazing job👍

  11. Bea Trevino

    I loved them all…definitely the black stencil it ties the night stands to the bench and really balances everything out great job!😊


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