Ep 1: “Getting Started” https://youtu.be/5vYx56-ieI4 Ep 2: “Customizing the floor plan” https://youtu.be/FDWh_2p-joI Ep 3: “The Interior Kitchen Bath and Laundry …

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5 Responses

  1. Brianna Shock

    What an amazing home! How did you eliminate the step into the house from the garage? Great future proof design.

  2. baysikecho

    Zach, you did an amazing job explaining everything! this is absolutely gorgeous and I learned so so much, thanks to your terminology. Very happy for you with your new home, and its safe to say I cant wait to contact your amazing company in the future!!!!

  3. Adam Martin

    I've been looking forward to the this video. Magnificent house, congratulations!

  4. Robert Gonzalez

    This is house is absolutely beautiful God bless, I hope you have many great memories in this home. I would like to know without prying what the Final cost of this home was. Again absolutely beautiful work, and the craftsmanship of this home is top-notch. Congratulations.


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