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  1. Velecia Erwin

    I want EVERYTHING you bought Kyra. You have such great taste. Please don’t make us wait too long 😩

  2. Velecia Erwin

    As long as I’ve been waiting I’m no mad that I didn’t get a notification. Ok… I’ll watch now. 😂

  3. A Greene

    Wow! You resemble Alisha Williams ( another You-tuber). Your mannerisms and speaking voice are so similar. Are you related to her?

  4. Tia Williams

    Home decor/ interior design is my favorite! I cannot wait to decorate my forever home. Love your style!

  5. Kenia Perine

    I can't wait to see what you have done. Plus can we get some hair deets? Lmao 😂

  6. Melanie Jones

    By getting pieces that express your personality you really can't go wrong; I really hope both you and Deon enjoy your new home.

  7. Latonya Thomas

    Hey kyra keep vlogging you're almost at 100 subby's I enjoy watching your videos

  8. Tamika Nicole

    So much wonderful inspiration! I can’t wait to see how everything comes together!

  9. Angela 3hree

    Love The Way She Was Scanning Thru The Phone All Instagrammmish & YouTubish & Cute Or WHATEVVAA 😊

  10. Lakeshia B. Willis

    Hey! Excited to see you posting again! I'm really looking forward to seeing how you're pulling your home decor together! It's so different from what everyone else is posting 😊 Congrats again on your new home!

  11. Juvana Graham

    Lil sis you have great taste everything you pick out is very very beautiful you have a beautiful natural eye when it comes to make up and house Decour…. your home is going to be just Beautiful can’t wait to see it all when you put it together.

  12. jazzie4180

    👍🏾 Can’t wait to see it all put together. Love the cabinet handles!

  13. Wendy Clemons

    Kyra if I haven't told you Congratulations on the most valuable investment that you make in your life. I can't wait to see your home decor I know from what you just showed us it's going to be amazing. Again Congratulations!!!!


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