Discover your Interior Design Style NOW! Defining your style is very important when it’s time to design any space, because it serves as a guide at the time of …

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  1. Aristotelis Charizanis

    Great video! 🙂 do you have some tips for roof sloping rooms?

  2. Tanayitu

    I like Baroque and Rococo style mixed with Contemporary style. My second favorite is Hollywood regency style. Keep up the good work!


    Tfs! I'm MCM, Scandinavian & Contemporary w/ very little glam. Yep, that's me!

  4. Luise_ Vuitton

    Wow very informative. First time i learned about japandi. Thanks . Avid follower here

  5. Yeah, I've Killed That

    You did a great job explaining the different styles. I like them all except for Glam—reminds me too much of the Kardashians. I lean towards industrial/rustic/Scandanavian.

  6. Sandra Hernandez

    hello, i love your videos, i have a question, i have a green velvet sofa and a industrial dining table, so how can i mixed ? please help me it is my first house,
    and please keep doing videos
    Greetings from Colombia

  7. Shacone Johnson

    Fabulous video! Is Coastal a design style? I find I lean to that serene/vacation feel. I would LOVE to see a video on that👍

  8. jonah immanuel

    I want all in my house by entering each rooms or sections… Expect glam model.. my room i like to have a contemporary , gym or kitchen have a industrial model and other section like to have a traditional model… I don't know how my dream of this looks like

  9. Matin Angel

    Great video! I love all styles! But I prefer minimalism not only in design but as a way of life overall! Cheers!

  10. Nelson Valderrama

    Qué pasó con Art Deco, Art Novo, Victoriano ? No digo q estén de moda pero son parte de los estilos dentro del mundo del interiorismo, de hecho creo que hoy en día hay una gran influencia del Art Deco, a lo mejor no en sus Volúmenes pero si en sus líneas y colores y texturas, feliz día todos

  11. Wendy Avila

    You are amazing and ur content is unique in that is practical and useful and love how u incorporate visual examples. I would like to know if I u can help us east coasters (NY/NJ) apt renters. I’m moving into my 1st apt and my living room literally measures 14 ft x 11 ft which has to be a MULTIPURPOSE Living Room. 1/2 living room 1/2 office space can u show us how to lay out and decorate small multipurpose rooms like this. Also bedroom and vanity please and thank u!!!!!

  12. Anna Antonova

    Can you please explain British Colonial style? I like that one and Glam

  13. sukhWins

    I have been looking for this kind of video for longtime. Thanks for this info

  14. John Corena

    Zahira..excellent ilustration of the most popular Styles.
    Can you work a video on lighting design Styles and techniques?

  15. Barbara Rocca

    Thank you so much for your videos! I'm trying to figure out my stile… Right now in my 40 sqm apartment I think japandi is the only option. The dining/living room is really tiny, long and narrow. There's only one light source and I can t figure what kind of illumination is best. It's a real challenge, I could youse an advice if you can…thank you again for all the precious help!

  16. tiffany jernigan

    can modern mediterranian be a design style? lol but I like Japandi

  17. Natasha Lindner

    I'm a mix of styles, currently planning a modern black and white kitchen. I love natural light. White walls seem to be my thing right now too. I am loving this insight into design that I am getting from you, thanks.

  18. Satyaprakash Sharma

    Hey Zahira, Thanks for sharing this video. Its very enlightening. I think my style is Contemporary.

  19. RoMarSky T

    I moved into a rental home…I am interested in a little 'glam' with a 'contemporary' twist…I have just made 3 months, and I can't seem to find the correct design for my foundation as the house has a truly unique shape and design palette (floor to ceiling tiles in the bathrooms)….I wish that I could rip the tiles out and paint the walls. How do I turn my visualisation into actualisation???
    Please help….

  20. Julieta Gomes

    I like contemporary and rustic fusion please. Contemporary living room and kitchen and rustic wood heavy set dinning furniture please

  21. Carlos Alvarez

    Buen video!!
    A mí me gusta el estilo minimalista y el escandinavo.

  22. mustafa elemine

    To me, the Mid Century Modern is the Best
    can you make a video about bohemian style

  23. svetlana kirzner

    Hi zohira! Thank you for your videos. Could you please refer to the issue of designed ng around the tv, or to be more presise, how the avoid it? What solutions could you suggest?
    Thank you!

  24. Augusta Bora

    Great! How do you integrate vintage pieces in a contemporary home? Thank you.

  25. Arif İhsan Pınar

    I am in love wtih industrial and rustic. But i have to work on glam and traditional which i hate to :/

  26. Aditya Kumar Subudhi

    I'm like Industrial but my parents are like traditional can I mix them.

  27. Elizabeth Ferreira

    Million thanks. I loved this video, I even make my husband to watch 😂. I have a question, how to mix 2 or 4 styles. I like glam and contemporary my husband like contemporary and minimalist, and both like the light, bright of the Scandinavian. And our house is a tipical English mass produced 80s house. Basically no character but in a good location. Hellllppppp .

  28. Gea Holland

    Your design speaks to my soul and by far are my favorite designer. I am currently ficing up our newly purchased place. But my couches are those heavy leather pieces very closed to the floor. Im thinking of replacing the legs with higher ones, dying the couches white. WE Already started prepping the floor for high gloss epoxy white, open the space and then want vertical floor to ceiling white mini kitchen. I wish you were here. I would love to show you the progress for input. Lotsa love from Gea Holland from South Africa. Ps:Perhaps we could video call when you have a minute to share

  29. Dani B

    I like every style except rustic and minimalist. What are the rules to mixing styles?

  30. nson nson

    Mine is always Scandinavian & Minimalist!
    Nice video, you looks super confident today!

  31. Eleni Pelardi

    Can you make a video about modern mix with classic style? Please!!!!!

  32. fredrik bergquist

    A very informative vid with inspiring interiors, saved it! My style is japandi but with one pop of color like a big painting that will be the statement piece of the room.

  33. Patrick Nuguid

    Wow. Just learned Japandi now and it's really cool and promising! Keep up the great videos!

  34. day nez kc

    actually i love royal classic style which can be defined as castels and palaces but in this video i love rustic and jacandi both😊😊

  35. Canal Ideas para comparti

    Hola zahira. Hermoso video! De gran utilidad! Te felicito. Yo tengo una casa rústica. Y ahora me doy cuenta que seleccione lo que mas me gusto de varios estilos. Fue una mezcla que hice de manera intuitiva y el resultado va quedando bien. Muchas gracias x el video. Cariños desde Argentina🇦🇷😀

  36. Al Ra

    I think I am more of mid century style with hint of contemporary. Very informative video

  37. Lekeatha Rumph

    My Design Style is a Combination between Rustic, Industrial, and Glam!!!! I love this video.

  38. Alessio Pace

    I'm definitely minimalist but I kinda felt in love with japandi stile! I think there are few aspects in common between these two styles also. Thanks for this video, your channel is inspiring me a lot!


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