Happy Friday! Come along with us and look at lighting, hardware, and tour model homes for design and decor ideas. Thanks for watching! – Shelly New Tile Flooring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K…

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  1. Bev McC

    When we were newlyweds, we toured model homes for inspiration. Now that we’re about to be empty nesters, we should start doing it again. Thanks for bringing us along! 😀 🏠

  2. Rita Benaglio

    I am in love with Americans homes, gardens and SPACES. Here in Italy houses are pretty much smaller and gardens almost inexistent. If you compare Italy to Texas, Italian territory is less than 50% of Texas but, the Italian population is more than double the one in Texas. Moreover Italy has 35% of mountains that are almost uninhabited…. you can imagine the population density in urban areas!! We are crowded! I miss American territories (spaces).
    I wish I could live in a house like yours!!!

    Hugs, Rita

  3. MsItIsWhatItIs

    I am lusting after the first pantry and laundry room……..WOW!!!!

  4. victoria munoz

    Nice houses but way to big, I really never liked big bathrooms. But loved those lights gorgeous!!! Great video

  5. Patricia Trentham

    I enjoyed touring model homes with you and Andy. Thank you 😊

  6. c schaan

    I like the last house the best ..I think it’s the colours though, the greens and greys look stunning together

  7. Simply Honeybee

    Great vlog! Andy is a hoot! Love how he was checking out the paint color in the attic. Lol! I like the layout of the first home but the fixtures & materials in the last home were my favorite. So neat you went to Argyle. We got our corgi Luna from a breeder there 3 1/2 years ago. Neat area. I always wonder what people do for a living to afford these homes. There’s a neighborhood by ours that I think starts in the $500,000’s. Crazy!!! We bought our home 9 years ago & our escrow keeps going up & up because of higher appraisal value & taxes. I just can’t imagine the starting payments on those homes.

  8. Shane Wood

    This was a fun video! Thanks for taking us along. The two story curtains were definitely something I’ve never seen. ❤️👍-Jolie Sliding barn door YES!

  9. topcropper

    Oh my goodness does this bring back memories lol. Before my diagnosis, I used to be the manager of a lighting showroom, but we also sold plumbing fixtures as well. I loved my job! I couldn’t wait to go to work each day! These model homes were beautiful! Thanks for bringing us along😊

  10. Rhoades Traveled

    God bless Andy! I didn’t know there were other patient husbands in this world like mine! They could compare notes. Lol You want shiplap? Sure! Red walls? No problem. New headboards? I’ll whip that right out for ya! 🤣 We are lucky ladies Shelly. 😊

  11. Susan M

    Thanks for the model homes tour…they were gorgeous!! ( I have to say that I wouldn't want that big though.) Can't wait to see your kitchen finished..love everything you've picked out! I vacillate on the barn door look with the farmhouse decor and how far to take it and not have a dated look in a few years…and its not cheap to do!

  12. Brenda Tate

    Really enjoyed this video. The model homes were beautiful but I sure wouldn’t want the payment! You are right they are regular homes without all the decor. Your home is very nice and looks like you have plenty of room. But it is great to get new ideas. I’m looking at new flooring and that’s a great idea to be able to see a whole room done versus a sample. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Kangaroo Mommy

    I love Our Country Homes! If we were going to build we'd probably go with them! We're selling our house in Tarrant county right now and are going to wait until the market calms down before buying again!!

  14. Joyce Fuson

    I think your home is prettier then any of the homes you looked at! How in the world would you clean those windows that were so high? Lol

  15. Loving Life In KY

    Loved this video! What a great way to get decorating/fixture ideas. There are so many beautiful, trendy ones out there. Updating even the littlest things can make a huge difference. I know your kitchen will be absolutely beautiful when it's complete. It's already beautiful, so I know everything you add will make it even more. Blessings to all of you!!!

  16. Kharhismaaa

    Beautiful homes thank you for taking us along. Took some decor inspiration! Blessings!

  17. Dawn Trish

    My Mom and Dad have a small bar like yours in their kitchen and they recently replaced their red hooded lights with those Edison bulbs and I love them!

  18. Luella R

    Do you watch Hilary's "Old World Home" ?? She did the "board and batten" treatment in her dining room. It looks great!!

  19. Laura C

    When I lived in Dallas 1983-1985, friends were building a house in Argyle and it was out in the middle of nowhere. I see it has changed a bit!

  20. sharon cresenzi

    Love the bubble glass light, I have bubble glass in two cabinets in my kitchen and love the look.


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