As you guys suggested, here’s the griffin vs penguin room video! Time stamps: GRIFFIN ROOM: 0:15 -indoor garden: 0:17 -nest bed: 1:26 -custom drawers: 2:40 …

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  1. Shaneisy Fana

    The griffin one looked like it was from mine craft btw not being rude I love it!!!!

  2. Cheyenne Brockie

    can u pleaseeee show us on how to do more unicorn furniture or stuff thats unicorn

  3. MonkeyAnd Me

    Hi! I'm making a hotel on Adopt Me. Your building hacks are inspiring me loads. If you see me in game. My name is XxDreamers_LifeXx .

  4. Carlene Elise

    Hello I love ur vid so much and I like them both ur the best best ever :3<3 ur the best and keep the vids up 🙂

  5. Mika Swe

    Can you pls give me a griffin that can ride cause it’s my birthday
    Username Clllllfffff

  6. Marionette ¿

    I prefer the penguin one it’s really cute, That’s perfect for my penguin to sleep it, Love Your videos!! Keep you great work!!!

  7. Jessica Pimblett

    the griffin room was so nice and the music too it was so relaxing like and comment if u agree 😀

  8. Lisa Zhang

    I made sure that all of the designs for my house that came from you has your credits 😀

  9. boboy ollet

    Can you please please make a giraffe room and parrot!! Please P.S love ur vids

  10. Elana You

    i literally just LOVE your hacks!! Please keep up with all your creative ideas! it helps me out a lot! 😅👍🏼👍🏼🤩❤️

  11. Dragon DIY

    Sugar coffee) lets thinks of hacks o this and goood one and that and that
    Me ) lets think of hacks ummm uhhh *thinks for w hours uhhh I don’t know


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