“Handleless Kitchen Design – Mumbai” – by CivilLane.com ▻Get Free Estimate here: ➜ http://www.civillane.com/modular-kitchens/ Here we have finished …

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  1. Gurdeep Singh

    Sir, first its very nice kitchen and its drawer system from blum called legra box and lift up called aventos HF or bi fold are very good choice …. Keep it up great work.

  2. Being Anonymous

    Surprisingly, there is no response from civil lane team to the comments made by subscribers.
    I would have appreciated your work if the kitchen area was mentioned in this video.

  3. Manali Mankad

    One of the most beautiful kitchens i have come across so far. Wonderfully designed and as civil lane is known for, the space utilization is also very good. I liked the grey-ish outer look for the drawers down the counter. it is giving a high-end feeling. I guess black or white outer color for drawers for above section would have looked more beautiful instead of brown. But i understand it would be more of a customer's choice/requirements. Nice work Civil Lane…

  4. Smita Sawant its just wonderful and yummy pav bhaji

    Superb WONDERFULLY designed


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