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12 Responses

  1. Bird Choyce

    It would've been nice to see the finished product [sheet hanging from balcony]!!

  2. Praise God

    what a great idea! When things get messy, just take down the sheet and throw into the wash!

  3. Karma IsReal

    Love this idea. I have a very nosey neighbor. I am looking for inexpensive way to create privacy on my deck. Plus have nice private cozy sitting area in fall and winter.

  4. missmayflower

    If it's a rental apartment, better check with the landlord first as putting in those big screws may cause you to lose your damage deposit. Also, both rentals and condos usually have rules in place against hanging things on your balcony because they are trying to maintain a uniform appearance on the exterior of the buildings. After going to the expense and work, we had to take down a similar curtain.

  5. Carla Garrett

    I use the tall shower curtains. I buy them at Sears often when they are on a reasonable sale, and they have better water damage control.

  6. Lilymomable

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much. But do you think I could place a curtain on the railing, bottom, open area of the balcony.?


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