This video is an inside peek of a client’s beautiful home I accessorized. This trip wasn’t to accessorize the entire home, just the large bookshelves in the living …

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  1. Robbie Curbo

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I’m trying to redo an old farmhouse. This style is what I’m looking for! Thank ypu

  2. Jen Gus

    Quick question-what are you supposed to do with all those pillows on the couch when people come over? I love the look but wonder where they should go.

  3. Pretty Mayuri costumes

    hello , charming house , homely and really peacefull , but just for my opinion it miss some grenn plants but i mean real plants , because it's a "natural" house with stones , woods ….but it's my opinion ^^

  4. Kenny Holland

    Understated elegance!! Love it, the Hollands of Liverpool, England !

  5. Jacklyn Allen

    You have a wonderful eye for decor. Can’t wait for the next video!

  6. Linda M. Dyer

    Funny story. When the guest room showed, I was like, "Ew. I don't like this, I don't like that." Then, bam, you changed it! Lol!

  7. Susan’s Cozy Condo Life

    I always love your videos and look forward to new ones!

  8. Gina Reynolds

    Beautiful work ❤
    Hey, do you think you will ever do a video on good quality Sofas and what to look for when shopping for one? I always told myself, when I buy my next sofa it will probably cost $10,000 because I'm tired of wasting money on pieces that don't last 😊❤

  9. Jeanith Burdine

    Jennifer, I love your decorating style. Your arrangements are gorgeous!

  10. sylvia seri

    Love the house, the location and the decorating. Elegant styling with farmhouse detailing. I like that it’s not overwhelmingly farmhouse. That style always looks too “kitchy” for me.

  11. Country Girl FIRST

    Perfect decorations looks like a home as livable not a museum absolutely love this congratulations it is beautiful!🌹

  12. Brenda Mayes

    Beautiful Jennifer so glad your client allowed you to share 🙋🏾‍♀️😍💃🏾

  13. Yarlette Gebarowski

    Very beautiful. Love this home. You have added some wonderful eye catching pieces to the decor. To me little things make all the difference in a so so room and a fabulous room.


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