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10 Responses

  1. Crystal Torres

    Love the rustic open shelves and the color sinks. 😆😍 absolutely loved this.

  2. CheapandGreen

    Great tips! I'm relieved my Shaker cabinets are still stylish and good thoughts on open cabinetry. It could just look messy.

  3. organized4

    Are microwaves still a necessity to sell a house and also which would you spend more on to sell a home, the refrigerator or an expensive cooktop and double oven? We have an investment house we're thinking of selling, but think balancing and choosing correctly where the house shines will be the key.

  4. gatto picasso

    Ma che belloooo..scrivi in italianoo!!!!
    Io purtroppo non conosco l inglese..BRAVISSIMA! !!!

  5. MrsLoveAboveAll

    Great tips Tori! So true, the kitchen is the heart of the home:-) I hope you are doing fantastic! Take care— Brandis

  6. A Cozy Casita

    Hi Tori!! Great tips!! I love the open shelving, but it would probably look really messy in my house. My family would not cooperate with that system. Tfs, have a great week! Liza :))

  7. Andrea's Elegant Touch

    I like that black on black, but agree that it should not be used if you plan to sell. Thanks for the tips


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