Designer Karin Bennett takes you inside this modern abode located an hour outside of the city. See how she achieved an elegant yet easy-going feel, perfect for …

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  1. The Simple Farmhouse

    beautiful design! I love how it feels casual yet elegant.

  2. Elaine Baldy

    This really is a stunning home, so much attention to deal. I would have preferred the two chairs in the master bedroom to face the fire though instead of putting them in the window area facing towards the bed. The mix of white, black and pale wood throughout the home is perfectly balanced. I enjoyed listening to the lady giving the tour, her pleasant voice and enthusiastic manner was poised and not over the top as we so often hear in house tour clips.

  3. m kub

    Looks classy, and tranquil. What is the square footage and the cost of remodeling?

  4. Scott Brown

    Great job! My only (very minor) comment is that I would have liked to see a bit more color, like the green-and-gold treatment in the home office, and maybe some more of the coppery treatment in one of the bedrooms. Maybe a bit more blues and greens throughout. However, all in all, this is a huge improvement from before, and I loved the black hardware and the bathroom/shower/laundry room tiles! 🙂

  5. juditheorganizer

    This is probably my favorite makeover yet. Karin did an amazing job!!!!!!! Now this is my dream home!

  6. Brbljiva

    IS IT ME, or are these videos more or less the same?
    I no longer see differences. All kitchens are the same, black and white… blah blah

  7. Naidu NSK

    So open, clean, airy and airy. Huge and welcoming. Lovely clean cut furniture. Every part ofc the house is so beautiful and flow is seamless.
    Love it.

  8. Deborah Alexander

    It was mentioned that the bath was caesarstone counter but were the kitchen counters also caesarstone? Do you know the style name of both?

  9. Ivson Aguiar

    Amazing home! Though well designed, the master bedroom looks kinda bland to me.

  10. Alvaro Zerolo

    I would like to know the material of the countertops of the kitchen
    Thank you very much


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