Step inside the newly renovated home of THP CEO and founder Amanda Riva. See how she completely modernized this Toronto space while still keeping its …

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  1. Al Mahdi

    8×10 ft. small pantry? That's my bedroom! 😀 By the way, love the house and the reason to have a big sink! 🙂

  2. Hiro Lacang

    Beautiful! Unfortunately, I'm so broke, I can't afford a house reno like this. I can only afford that plant near the sink and that bowl full of lemons. 😭

  3. becomingellis

    The print in the powder room!! also digging the bar stool color against with the white island.

  4. You1uji

    Funny enough they were all out of 1000 yr old doors at HomeDepot…I’ll try again next week

  5. TiggyStardust

    1000 years ago, Egyptians did not make modern style double doors with cast iron grading. If in fact they were that old, they'd be in a museum and not serve as your pantry doors.

  6. Letícia G

    How can one buy a thousand years old doors? Isn't there some history protection agency to regulate that? Private collection maybe?

  7. Que2 H.

    Absolutely wonderful!
    Please let me know source of counter stools . ( not listed !)
    Thank you!

  8. fatou1975

    This is not the smallest sink in the world, you probably never been to Europe where most toilet have miniature size sink compare to US.

  9. Agent

    Love this renovation but that is not the smallest lavatory in the world. I saw something even smaller than that.

  10. Mojca Janusic Modic

    Those doors work beautiful in that space. Love the new fireplace as well.

  11. Semi Veg

    OK, I HAVE to know how the heck you got your hands on 1,000 year old doors??? Those are so awesome

  12. Kimberly Tryon

    I remember a time (2000s) that ppl hated gold fixtures, but it is all we see now! Brass/white/marble…..seems to be the theme for so many designers/clients. They all start to look the same. The house photographs well and it's pretty, but we have seen this look.


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