Transforming my home office in my flat using houseplants. See the before and after of my London apartment. This video has been sponsored by The Joy of …

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  1. Robin James

    It's amazing the change that houseplants can make. Do you have a favourite? I'm all about the Swiss Cheese Plant!

  2. Tanweer Majid

    Waaaaaay to cluttered. You know that robin!! . ………I guess you had to go overboard. Cha-Ching 💷💷💷

  3. Matt

    Robin you should have way more followers than Alpha, Jose, etc… you consistently upload quality videos that are not just advertisements for products you’ll never use.

  4. Man Like MP

    Saw you in brixton few weeks back, had to double take but you were with a friend so didnt interrupt to say hi!

  5. AFCBrandon

    First, a few months ago, I was looking for a way to decorate my student apartment and then you uploaded your apartment tour the next day.

    Yesterday I wanted to know how to decorate my living area with plants and today you upload this.

    pulls gun out

    Ok, Robin. I don’t know how you’re doing it, but you need to stop tapping into my search history.

  6. Luke

    Awesome looking space Robin! Hopefully buying towards the end of the year do some great ideas for the big move in here… Did I dream this, or have I seen posh looking candles in black glasses on your channel before? 🤔 If so, what are they? 😁 EDIT: I SAW IT! At 3:20 ! Knew I wasn't going mad. what is it? Bahaha

  7. Sahnepower1

    Your room reminds me of the narrators house when Gatsby ordered flowers for a date with Daisy. (The Great Gatsby) hahaha

  8. Dylan Crawford

    I've been subscribed for years, and goodness, it amazes me how the best creators on YouTube are the ones with a lesser number of subs.

  9. Jolien Nathalie

    Love Monstera plants, I have 3 in my flat and they are so easy to care for and grow like crazy 🌿❤️

  10. Jason Shah

    When will you be doing the video in jeans for guys with big thighs

  11. Dawid Celeban

    Could you make a video about books that you recenty read ? I'm really curious


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