This video is presented and paid by Desenio. I LOVE the scandinavian and minimalistic way of brining lots of HYGGE into my home! Hopefully you’ll be inspired …

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  1. Ellaine Besas

    Love your content and love the background music too! Anyone knows the title? πŸ˜‰

  2. Miss Yuyune

    Owh thanks for this video.. makes me fall asleep last night🀭

  3. Dzana Olovcic

    So helpful! Didn't know what style was my room and where to look for inspiration, but this is it. Black, white and grey combined with natural wood and plants is what makes me happy.. πŸ™‚

  4. Viwe N

    Your home is so beautiful and minimalistic. I love the Scandinavian decor style. White, black, grey and touches of wood. I've also added plants for that pop of green!

  5. vinyl maverick

    Thank you for providing inspiration.
    But I want to post comment on the "Triangle" approach….?? Common sense and nothing else dictates not forgetting fire prevention issues or balance for that matter suggest large items such as storage boxes or books or plants cannot be placed on smaller items such as candles or plants
    so to comment this a method or stylistic approach is I feel making something out of nothing and fairly insulting as well.
    But I go back to my opening sentence and happily subscribe.

  6. E Cheng

    Let me take a guess everything is IKEA? Sorry hate the decoration is so simple and cheap.

  7. Andrea Parkinson

    Love it! where is the circular chair (black and near your table by the divider wall to living room) from? I love it

  8. cartmann227

    Useless woman. She canβ€˜t even hang some pictures on a wall.

  9. Michelle Kehn

    I love this display – gallery wall!!!! Could you provide the dimensions of the posters/frames that you used? I'd like to order them.

  10. Xyrius D

    Love the simplicity. It's an obsession of mine for about 2 years now. I cannot deal with clutter or messes anymore.

  11. Jan Den Hartogh

    It's nice I found this video a half hour ago, and now I ordered a fantastic poster at Desenio!

  12. alabama trixie

    I thought minimalist meant less, surprised at all the items in your home. Don't misunderstood, it's perfectly beautiful

  13. Rod Schermerhorn

    Not a minimalist but i have great Scandinavian furniture,a ball chair (replicas)egg chair,swan chair and other things in my place in

  14. Lin

    Most of this decoration has no place in the home if you have a 1 year old toddler walking around πŸ˜€ Wonderful video, very inspiring, thank you!

  15. Korina

    How do you keep your cat from knocking over your plants on the windowsill?? lol

  16. Nils Breckoff

    Your quote is missing a line! "Today is a gift.. which is why it is called the present." πŸ™‚

  17. Ida Sund

    vildt god video, ny sub herfra!! <3 <3 sΓ₯ cool du snakker engelsk!!

  18. Salty Crotchwhiff

    Lady, these are not "theories". An 2 or 4 objects don`t make a triangle.

  19. Simple Happy Zen

    What a beautiful video! What editing program do you use? Thanks in advance! Mindful greetings, Vera from Simple Happy Zen

  20. Sierra Marie

    does it come with the frames or do you have to order it separately?

  21. Maximino Morelos

    is nothing else most beautiful that you to make looks wonderful home!!!


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